Tuesday, June 11, 2013

4 Down, 26 To Go

Day 2 of retirement - weekends don't count - and I think I am getting the hang of it.

The laundry is all caught up, the house is clean and the garden is looking good.

My plan of attack - clean out 1 cupboard each day.

I don't grocery shop or cook and I'm not going to start now even if I am retired - one of the many advantages of marriage to a gourmet cook.

We went for an 4 mile beach walk and were on the water for our first paddle in the kayaks since Steve's surgery - major sunburn.

The rest of the day was spent on my 30 Days of Pinterest project.

The bicycle rim from Save-On Crafts provides a backdrop for my hearts and hands - the simple quote unites the two collections.

The bicycle rim is undecorated on the website so mine is definitely an improvement.

Sunday's project was easy - how hard is it to slap some paint on a bucket?

I have so many "retirement" bouquets to put in my bucket (more were delivered today) and seeing the buckets side by side showed me that I should have put more flowers in my arrangement.

This little project was free and easy because I already had the Ballard Designs tags and Ikea baskets.

The only difference is the color of my baskets.

The BEACH sign is another freebie.

The wood for the sign came from the blue box.  

When I painted it blue, I removed the rectangular lid and asked the shop teacher at school to make it more interesting by adding the curved top.

The Jane Coslick 99 Steps to the Beach sign is larger than mine and I am thinking I might need to find some fencing to add to this area in the front yard.

I wanted to paint 186 steps to the beach (I counted them yesterday), but my piece of wood is just too small.

I had to settle for BEACH.

One of my gifts at the party Saturday night was a $50 Michael's gift card.

I went out today to buy supplies for making felt hearts, crocheting bags and stenciling a tablecloth.

$50 sure doesn't go far these days!

I can't decide which of the projects to start next, but I have to get going if I want to keep making progress on the list.

4 down, 26 to go.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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    How refreshing it must feel to know you are FREE. Now you are so lucky. You have the ocean near by for your playground, a creative cottage to keep you busy, and a great life ahead of you, or rather, right in front of you!

    All your achievements in the last several days are SUPER! I too feel fantastic, having started our summer. I have been cleaning closets, rearranging the house, and loving it all.

    JOY TO YOU! Anita

  2. I'm enjoying seeing your first projects "bloom"!

  3. You are inspiring me to make better use of my days off! Fun projects, all of them!

  4. well done! i especially love the bike wheel idea.

  5. Well Carol it looks like you are off and running with your projects. I bet it feels good to know you do not have a short window of time to get things done anymore with having to go to work. Wooo Hooooo enjoy. I love your beach sign that is adorable.

  6. Look at you go Carol! Great projects already! You will start to find there is not enough time int the day to get things done.I am always wondering where the day went!

  7. Your energy and creativity amazes me, Carol!! It's always fun to visit to see your latest projects.
    Mary Alice

  8. Not wasting any time, are you?! YAY You!! I love how your projects are turning out; I especially love the bike wheel!

  9. I love all of them and your blog! Keep enjoying the retirement and sharing with us.

  10. Wow, you've sure been busy already! I can't imagine not having to grocery shop or cook. Here in my home, it's the total opposite! My husband can't cook at all. But at least he can grill. ;-)

  11. Very impressive Carol, love them all, especially those baskets with the cute tags.

  12. How fun, the projects you're doing! Re: Michael's, try to shop with their 40% coupons, you can get them to your phone or by email. Take your husband so you can each have a coupon and you can get two (2) 40% off items in each visit. Well, that's just an idea haha! Mary

  13. You are more organised than me and I been retired a few years now.

  14. I am loving all of your projects also. Your hearts and hands display is so sweet!

  15. So glad you are enjoying your retirement. I love getting up when I want and just doing whatever. Your projects are great. You go girl!
    I'm into painting bird houses..... Also Michael's will take Joanne's and Hobby Lobby's coupons. Have fun.

  16. Hi Carol .Thank you for leaving me your kind comment on my blog
    Since I found your blog by Anita's French tour ..... I was so happy to have found you .
    you are living by the sea .
    That would be my dream ! My parents lived by the sea ( and so did I )
    Than I got married and moved to the city ( Rotterdam)
    I always believed I would go back .....
    After my divorce I wanted to go back .
    My children ( 4 ) did not want to leave ......
    So I stayed too . I have been a teacher and now I do not work anymore .
    I have a granddaughter who just got 2 this month Her father is my oldest son.
    My daugther-in-law is working as a stewardess with KLM
    She flies all over the world and Eva is with me than !
    Being a grandmother is the most wonderful thing ever !
    By following your blog I can be near to the sea a little bit now .
    I love your pinterest project !
    happy days

  17. Hi Carol, wow you are counting down days to a more fulfilling and more exciting stage of life. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing more creative post from you.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful beach vases of blooms.



  18. I love your beach sign. I'd like to make one some day for the front patch I have in front of the kitchen. Enjoy your next project.

  19. I'm inspired by your projects. Wish I had a place to put a beach sign. :)

  20. Love the beautiful beach motifs, sign and bucket and pretty flowers that complement them! You're well on your way to fulfilling your countdown list with such style!