Thursday, January 24, 2013

That's The Way I Like It

Since I began blogging, I take all of my decorating decisions much more seriously.

I was ready to remove New Years from the mantel, but I couldn't decide on a new vignette. 

Lots of different ideas have been bouncing around my brain and today I finally felt like I had it.

First, I had to change the painting over the mantel.

I wanted to use a painting Steve did of a red tulip, but he told me it is going to a show this weekend so I found this painting in the garage.

Fifteen years ago when we moved into our little cottage, we each surprised the other with a little red wagon for Christmas.

This is the wagon Steve bought me - rusted and well used.

 It sat in the front yard planted with flowers until one day, while planting flowers, my trowel went right through the bottom.

Thankfully, Steve painted me a reminder of the little red wagon.

With the painting hung, I just walked around the house looking for anything with hearts.

There is a whole drawer in the attic full of Valentine decorations, but I wanted to use what was already out.

I just made this little framed heart and it was definitely going on the mantel.

I gathered up books with a heart theme.

A favorite Mary Emmerling book,

a little photo album covered with hearts,

and another photo album became the anchor pieces.

The red card with the quilted heart was hiding in my Expedit.

Some hands from my hand collection

were brought into the mix

along with a  bottle opener in the Valentine theme.

A few little hearts

sitting in a basket were chosen for the mantel.


Keeping it simple.

Using what I have.

That's the way I like it.


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  1. This is so SWEET! I just love that little wagon in the painting. I like the Symmetry of your mantel.
    I really should decorate a mantel. (faux mantel...cause I don't have one.)

    Don't you just love when something so simple comes together? Pat

  2. Oh I love that sweet little wagon painting!

  3. I have a hand collection too! And, I have some of the same ones you do. How fun to meet someone else that collcts hands. I love the idea of putting hearts in the hands for Valentine's Day. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Lovely and just glanced round my home and was surprised at the amount of hearts I have too, feel a blog coming on.

  5. Very nice vignette and a fun reminder of your little red wagon.

  6. Looks wonderful! I adore that painting he did for you.

  7. Wow! You totally pulled that together in an amazing way! I am somewhat fascinated that you have a hand collection. What a fun thing to collect! Saw you over at Chic on a Shoestring and am happy to be following you via GFC. Stop by for a visit sometime!

  8. Unique and perfect! That painting rocks!

  9. Wow your valentine vignette is so cute. I love wagons too and I love that little wagon painting. Very sweet.

  10. I LOVE that painting! Your husband is so talented! I can't wait for him to meet Charles!

    Your vignette is so sweet! I don't have many little heart items, but I did find a couple of hearts connected with string, I am assuming they are meant to be hung up. They are painted pastel pink and blue, but I am going to cover them with paper. I have a cedar heart that my sister in law made for me - I might have to sand it to get it to smell cedar-y again. I don't want to cover it because it smells so good! I think I will look for hearts in my house - I might uncover a few more...I definitely have lots of red: bowls, mostly! I think I will have to make some felt hearts to fill the bowls with! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. You really inspire me. I love your choice of colors and your so talented on what you mix together... I love the unexpected touches of the hands and hearts too . I never knew that there was a hand collection > I LOVED it !!! YOUR blog is amazing and you mentioned on mine that you will retire one day ...YOUR not allowed to stop blogging... LOVE, YOUR blogging sister ... See you make new friends all over the world... Have a blessed weekend my friend .....HUGS

  12. darling mantle! i esp. love hands and your beautiful wagon painting, carol! and your kitchen changes below are just darling:)

  13. Totally pretty! Love the painting and the colors you used. I'm going to work on my Valentine mantel this weekend.

  14. My favorite type of decorating, using what you have. Your mantle is perfect for Valentines day, all of your decorations are so pretty.

  15. I love all of your fun heart treasures! You put them all together perfectly :)

  16. Love all your hearts ... especially that framed one! And I love Mary Emmerling. Does she still have a magazine?

  17. Darling look and that that painting is beautiful. I love it, and would love to won it:) Thanks for sharing at the Cabin party!

  18. I found your blog from a comment on Garden Diaries. I'm trying to live the life etc. Sort of retired but busier than ever with a new project. Moved to the coast. Anxious to get a garden planted.

  19. Love that painting. The wagon is adorable. :)

  20. That a fabulous painting, I love it!

  21. You've got a little magic going on here. I'm always amazed by your artistic mind. I wish I lived down the beach from you.

  22. Love it all! I didn't know that your hubby was an artist. Love the painting. He hands are so fun and I love that bottle opener. Very unique. It all came together nicely. Starting Feb. 1st I am posting "showing a little love" each day. I will feature a couple of Valentine posts. I will want to feature this and will let you know when. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  23. I love everything! The painting of the wagon and your collection of hearts is just what you need for Valentine's Day. So pretty! Thanks for sharing at Simple & Sweet Fridays.


  24. Gorgeous little hearts! I have a couple too <3 Please stop by, I have no followers yet :( Take care

  25. I am featuring you today at my 'showing a little love' challenge.