Monday, January 7, 2013

Special Delivery

It was back to school today after winter break.

When I arrive home, I was greeted by this box on the dining room table.

Oh, what a surprise!

I had forgotten I had ordered something from Sav -On Crafts.       

About a year ago, I discovered this great on-line company.

I could go broke ordering all of the things I like.

At that time I just ordered this little box for flowers.

It is sitting on my dining room table today with the few flowers I could find in my garden.

I love the anticipation of an on-line order.

Will I like it?

Is it what I expected?

Sometimes I am disappointed with an order if it isn't quite what I expected or the quality is poor.

There was no disappointment today.

I love the  #1 box.

And, inside it was box  #2.

I have no idea what I will do with them, but I saw them about a year ago, and didn't order them.

I was looking on Pinterest the other day and saw that I had pinned them so I went to the site and ordered them.

I like the oval number and

the possibility of using the lid on its own.

I also got this little burlap sack.

And inside the sack were these tin zinc tags.  

I found six Happy Birthday tags and 

eight  I Love You tags.

The order was a little mixed up because I should have received four I Love You, 4 Happy Birthday and 4 Thank You.  

I received no Thank You tags, but there were 14 tags instead of 12 in the bag.

I love that they vary in color and texture.

For now, the boxes are on top of a cabinet in the living room.

I will probably move them to the mantel when I change the New Year's theme.

The tags are on my work desk waiting for me to get started on a Valentine project.

I signed up for the Bungalow Bling Heart Swap so I need to get busy.


  1. I love all your purchases. It is so much fun ordering online and waiting for the items to come, the zinc tags are also adorable.

  2. Cute goodies! The tags are adorable. It is fun getting goodies in the mail.

  3. Cute things and I love boxes being delivered, too. Hubby not so much.

  4. What cool boxes and I love those little tags!!! Love them!

  5. I love your little tags. I have some blank ones I should stamp. Super cute.

  6. You are not going to believe this but I was just looking at those boxes today at Save On Crafts. I discovered the site about 6 months ago and have ordered several times from them. The boxes look beautiful in your home! The tags are adorable. Thanks for sharing. Melinda

  7. The little box with flowers is right up my alley, I want it! Now what are you going to do next with those cute stamped tags and numbered boxes?

  8. Of course I will now have to go to this site and check it out...thanks for helping me spend my money!
    You just went back to school? I want to come teach with you...we went back last week.

  9. love the cute boxes, carole! off to check out that site now:)

  10. I love those little jars! What a great idea for holding all the flowers and herbs I clip.

  11. I pinned that little flower box too! But every time I go to order it, they are sold out :( Maybe I will try again.

  12. What lovely things and it must have brightened your day after your first day back of work.I will look forward to seeing you using them in different ways!
    Sarah x

  13. I love the zinc tags. The wire basket with the little quilts is gorgeous.


  14. Those are fun purchases! I am sure I would find a use for them too!I love ordering on line.I am expecting somethings too!

  15. Great items. Love the tags.

    I love to shop on-line.

  16. Awesome finds!!! Lovin all of these! The #1 and #2 boxes are great!! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!!

    Jenna @

  17. Wow, I love all your goodies. Those numbered boxes are fabulous and the tags too. I have a "thing" about boxes and numbers these days, and who doesn't love getting a nice surprise in the mail.

  18. Ooh, I love all those goodies too. I am crazy for tags so of course those tin tags are calling my name, but the boxes look so fun too. The possibilities are endless.
    Thank you so much for stopping by the shop. I giggled when I read about your sister named Marcia too and visiting Shakespeare & Co. ;) How nice if the bookstore was taken over by a family member. I wondered about that earlier because the original owner started something so special. I have to jot down those bookstore names you left. Shadow of the Wind sounds phenomenal.
    Love the title and look of your page, off to browse now. Following.
    Much love,