Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just when I think I'm done...

We have a full house.

KC and JP are in town for a "family" wedding.

The couple aren't really family, but close enough.

KC met the groom in pre-school and the bride in kindergarten.

She is in the wedding and we're all looking forward to the special event.

We rarely have all four of us in our little cottage together.

Thanksgiving we are often away.

Christmas we always go on a family ski trip and make sure we rent a big house.

KC arrived on Thursday night in her typical fashion.

JP always refers to her as Hurricane KC.

She brings clothes -
 for hanging out
for going out
for working out
for washing.

The trail begins in the entryway spreads through the house and seems worst in the bathroom.

One bathroom, 4 people, and KC's bag full of beauty is definitely a crowd.

With every room full of people and paraphernalia, I was wishing I had a space to tuck myself in for a little peace and quiet.

As I was straightening up before bed, I walked through the entryway and stopped to think about what a wasted space it is.

I like the look of the cabinet full of linens and little shelf, but what if I put a chair in the entry?

If I swapped the red bookcase from the kitchen and the red cabinet from the entry, I could put in a chair.

I have to make changes on the sly.

As soon as Steve left for his tennis game, I got busy.

In the kitchen, the bookcase held bowls and pitchers.

In the entry, it can hold more than kitchen items.

I moved a wicker chair from my workroom to the entry.

I love how it looks from the dining room and

I love how it looks from the kitchen.

I put in books for 'looking' while I sit and watch Steve cook.

I added some of my favorite pitchers,

and Steve added sand dollars we found on the beach yesterday morning.

The cabinet is in the kitchen awaiting a butcher block top,

some touch up painting, and some new shelves.

Steve got home from tennis and didn't even notice the change immediately.

Other than being upset that I moved some dishes in "his" kitchen, he likes that I will be able to visit while he cooks.

Last night, I sat in my new little reading nook watching Steve make dinner, writing this post and looking for ideas for kitchen shelves.

When I put the chipped cabinet in the hallway last Sunday I thought I was done, but if I'm honest,  I know that will never happen.


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  1. I love the changes you have made to the hall, it looks great. It must have been nice to be together again as a family, hope the wedding went well. My daughter leave things lying around too maybe it's girls!
    Sarah x

  2. Love your home. No wonder you have lots of company.

  3. Lovely blog. Made me smile when my sons come to visit its the same ( sorry Sarah its not just girls ). Love the chairs new home, we can all picture you there reading now. Annie :-)

  4. LOVE the changes you made for your entry! It's so fun to move one or two things, and create a whole new look. So charming!
    Mary Alice

  5. Hi Carol,
    Sounds like you had a full weekend. Love your new little sitting area in the entryway. Bet it feels like a brand new space. Love your sweet little cottage. Wishing you a wonderful new week.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  6. I know about that "trail" that daughters leave behind them! My daughter sheds her coats and purse and shoes like a snake shedding skin and leaves them where they lie...

    I love the tile in your kitchen and I like the chair in the entry way! Our house is small and old (1901) and needs so much work - I get tired just thinking about it!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas! Come by and see me at Home In Douglas!

  7. I like the change! It looks like a cozy place.

  8. Little houses feel so full with visitors! I like your sitting solution! I make changes on the sly too. I have to try things out to see how they work. I'm always saying, "don't get used to it , it may not stay!"

  9. I love that your little cottage is always full of change! Love the new look!! xoxokathee

  10. I like the changes you made. Hey! Don't complain about Steve not wanting the dishes moved since he's doing the cooking. That's great!

  11. The changes you made are really nice, I love the idea you made a sitting area to watch you hubs cook. I would build a new room to watch my hubs cook, but he doesn't. Maybe I should have him watch me. I think the entryway is really better used now, and created a really pretty and useful space. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  12. The entryway looks lovely, much more of a statement, and the little cabinet looks great in the kitchen too.
    You'll never stop changing things round Carol - but it's fun isn't it !

  13. Oh my gosh Carol, what I've seen so far I am in love with your little cottage!! You are living my dream!!