Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My New Table

Last week I fell in love and wrote about it here.

The trouble is, I am not ready for a new table.

When we move the stereo out of the living room, I want to remove the green cabinet and put my new table in its place.

I haven't even called the electrician yet, so my table needs a temporary home.

I thought about putting it in the entryway and moving the red cabinet,

but the table just wasn't right in the space.

Moving things around in the entry made me notice how small the shelf is.

 Replacing it will be my weekend project.

I settled on the hallway for now.

The painting is about 3 inches too low, but I'm not going to move it since it is temporary.

I absolutely love the legs on this table.

An assortment of old shells and favorite books grace the top of the table.

When I went to pick up the table I bought the fleur de lis that is on the top of the blocks.

I am loving this table more and more each time I look at it.

I almost did not go to the antique store on Friday.

I had to drive a student home all the way across town and then go to the bank.

The wind was blowing like crazy...
 I was tired...
and I wanted to get home.

But, something made me drive back across town.

I am so glad I made the effort, because now, this lovely table is mine.

Now, it is time to call the electrician.


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  1. I love all your art work. Love that truck one.

    1. Not my artwork - my husband's. We saw the truck in a field in Sonoma County on a wine tasting adventure. I pulled over (designated driver) an insisted Steve get a photo - in the rain! He first painted a smaller version, but it sold in a show so he repainted it huge for me. The huge paintings take longer to sell so I get to enjoy it for the time being.

  2. I bet your table wants to cheat on you with ME. Actually I'm in love with the large scale artwork. Are those oils, photos - what? are they affordable? Love them.

    1. I can't believe my luck finding the table. Of course, had I gone out looking for something I would find nothing.

      I am lucky to be married to a professional artist specializing in oils. Our walls change continually as a piece sells or is in a show.

      Affordable is relative- I would not be able to have the artwork I do if I had to pay for it. You can check out his websiste using the link on my sidebar below my profile.

      Have a "quirky" day!

  3. LOVE your table. It has so much character! Don't you just love those unexpected finds.
    Mary Alice