Friday, April 27, 2012

Makin' Me Think

A student said something to me last week that has been running around my brain and just won't settle down and be forgotten.

She was talking about her spring vacation and was so excited because she had gone to San Francisco for the first time.

I asked what she saw and did and she said she really loved seeing the Golden Gate Bridge.

I told her I had also gone to San Francisco over spring break to visit my daughter, KC, and added that KC runs and cycles across the bridge regularly.

She said, "Oh, we didn't get to go across the bridge - I wanted to, but my dad said it was too expensive to pay to ride across the bridge!"

Wow, it made me think about small amounts of money I spend on little "nothings".

My brain stores lots of useless information and it connected what she said to another comment left dormant somewhere in my brain.

A student once told me she could not stay after school for an activity because her parents could not come to pick her afterwards.

I asked if they were working and she said, "Oh, no, they can't afford to use the gas!"

Her family's reality is so different than mine!

Today, another student looked really sad and I held her after class.

She broke down and shared some of the things that have been going on in her life.

She shares a house with 4 families - 17 people.

Many more people living on the edge than I even realize!

These three comments made me think about all I have and am able to do.

I don't feel guilty.

I have worked hard to live the life I do,

I give back.

Just after we were married, Steve and I joined the Peace Corps and served as volunteers in Jamaica.

We give financially to a variety of organizations.

I am a volunteer coach in a volleyball program at my school that allows our students to play for free and compete against expensive club teams with paid coaches.

I am proud to say I live in a wonderful giving neighborhood. 

I wrote about the caring people of Brunswick Lane here .

I guess I just needed to voice my thoughts about my students and their everyday lives.

I have gotten my REALITY CHECK


I will remember to



  1. It's a little frightening isn't it? How many people are on the verge of disaster....It does help you keep things in perspective.

  2. Hi Carol thanks for sharing I don't have contact with children like you do but our neighborhood since we moved in 6 years ago has had such a turnover sooooo many foreclosures u can't help but think of how poorly things must be going for some for whatever reason... and it brings gratitude for our employment and ability to care for our lil bit in a responsible manner and u never know what is going to happen cause the company my husband works for is going through bankruptcy right now so there but for the grace of God go I.

  3. Carol, I wanted to let you know you are the new winner for the Annie Sloan book. The first winner never got in touch with me and I had no way of getting in touch with her. So your number came up the second time. I need your address to get it to you next week.

    thanks, Kim

  4. I am a loan officer at a community bank and I see my customer's financial situation up close and personal. It is
    definitely a reality check for me. Sometimes I feel more like a counselor than a banker. It really makes me feel good when I can help them.