Friday, March 13, 2020

Easter Eggs and Bunny Rabbits

I know it's early for Easter decorating, 

but I was prepping for company over the weekend.

Sadly we all agreed that it wasn't the best move for Andy and his mama to be flying right now.

So it's just Steve and me enjoying the Easter eggs and bunny rabbits.

I am really trying to decorate with what I have on hand so these flowers

and the little Maileg rabbit I showed in my last post are the only purchases this Easter.

There is just one little bunny in the dining room.

On the other hand, the entry got a fair share of Easter decor.

I bought the chicken basket in 1976 and it's always nice to fill it with old chalk eggs at Easter time.

The paper mache bunny is from last Easter and I wish I could leave him out all year long.

Mr. Goose is standing guard over the guest room.

The formally dressed rabbit was purchased last year and I was happy to see him once again.

 I'm sorry that Andy won't see the house decorated for Easter,

but in reality, 

Mr. Goose and Mr. Rabbit would probably not impress him.


  1. Ha! Ha! Mr. Goose and Mr. Rabbit are impressive to me! It is a delight to see your eggs and bunnies. I haven't pulled out any Easter decor, but perhaps I will this weekend. I let valentine's skim by, and perhaps I'll do the same for Easter. With the remodel, I'm less motivated to pull things out from the attic. All the same, as you say, it is fun to see them again. Love the simplicity of your blooms with your cute bunnies!

  2. I've never noticed the shelf over your window, but it's lovely like everything else in the room.

  3. Hi Carol,
    Sorry little Andy could not join you this weekend. Hoping as things calm down with the virus scare you will be able to visit. Love all your sweet Easter decor.
    Happy Weekend.

  4. Good morning dear Carol!

    I'm so sorry that little Andy won't have the pleasure of Easter egg hunting in your garden and cottage, but these times are so unknown for all of us. Stay well my dear and we will ride this out. So far our schools will remain in session and week after next, we start our spring break. I may have to reschedule a well-anticipated visit from an old French friend who was coming to my house. Oh the times, they are changing...

  5. What a lovely and happy post!
    Hug from Titti

  6. Oh, so cute! Those little guys would make me smile every day, walking past them. Love that paper mache guy, and what a great idea using the chalk eggs! Stay well, Carol.

  7. This is all so beautiful, Carol! That wonderful quilt and old wooden bucket have my heart! So sorry you weren't able to have your family come for a visit...we are starting to be more careful here now, too...xo

  8. Your Easter decorations are just great. I am waiting till after St. Patrick's day to put out my Easter decorations. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  9. Such pretty Easter decorations. I'll wait a few more weeks to pull out the little bit that I have. Too bad about Andy and his mom not being able to come, but it's best to be prudent just now.

  10. Carol, your beautiful little cottage looks so bright and lovely. What a shame that the handsome little guy won't be able to see it all, but these times take safe measures and there will be another time..Happy Easter and stay healthy..xxoJudy

  11. Love the little paper mache bunny and want one

  12. You have such a decorating talent. So sweet and lovely! Glad you are recovering and hoping you stay healthy! Take care!

  13. It's darling, Carol! I love "shopping the collection" -- it's always fun to add new but when you have such cute "old," who can complain? I'm so sad that sweet Andy won't see this but I hope he sees the photos!

  14. Delightful post. . .read it on St. Patrick's Day here in Greece. No decorating going on for anything this year it appears as the country is pretty much shut down. This was a breath of fresh air! Enjoy your spring and stay safe.

  15. I noticed that chicken basket full of eggs in your entryway right away! I thought it was so cute. It's too bad you won't be able to see your grandbabies now...this isolation stuff really stinks! We made that trip to California just in time. xoxo