Monday, June 3, 2019

Spring Into Summer

Welcome to the "Spring Into Summer" blog hop 

hosted by Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home.

If you are hopping in order then you were just visiting Katie, Let's Add Sprinkles, who has the cutest style.

I wish I could say that our "garden room" has a beautiful blue sky right now (this pic was taken in early May), but late May and now June have brought us a dull white sky.

Blue skies or gray, Lulu is happy to be in the garden

and we welcome all visitors.

The Adirondack chair had been on the front porch for years, but no one ever sat in it.

It's now in a perfect spot to sit and read.

Until it's time to use the outdoor fire pit, the corner behind Steve's studio is usually ignored, but the old ladder and green chair (found on a street corner) are now bursting with color from pots and a basket of blooms.

 My sister recently gifted me a beautiful tablecloth that belonged to my mother.

The tablecloth is just the right size for the garden table and soon the weather will allow for al fresco meals.

I moved one of the chaises so I could relax outdoors and enjoy this view of the garden.

The flowers in the old wheelbarrow, another street side find, are blooming and each day I check for new flowers.

The chaise, with the wheelbarrow behind it, is one of my favorite views from the living room windows.

My garden house is another view I love.

I brought the shopping cart outside for summer and added Gerbera daisies.

The second chaise is in front of the living room and easily moved to follow the sun,

but as you see, the sky is white and has been for way too long.

If you are new to Art and Sand, you might not know that my husband is an artist and our home is his gallery.

He actually began his art career painting on surfboards - the only board that remains is this one hanging on the ivy covered wall.

I made a few changes from my last post, Hooray for the Red, White and Blue.

I added buoys and a bucket to the old window and brought Mr. Goose outside.

We leave on vacation Wednesday and will be away for 11 days.

I will miss all the different views of our garden,

but Lulu's sitter has promised to water while I am gone

and maybe, just maybe, the sky will be blue by the time we return.

Now it's time to send you off to visit my friend Judith at Botanic Bleu.

I hope you take the time to visit all the blogs on the hop because this group of bloggers always provide oodles of inspiration.

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  1. Hi Carol, It's going to be a beautiful summer at your house. All the wonderful scenes from your garden and yard are lovely. Blessings to you and Steve, xoxo, Susie

  2. Your garden is fabulous. I just love all your finds and beautiful flowers. Have a wonderful trip.

  3. Your garden always amazes Carol. Not bad roadside finds. I would've grabbed the ladder and chair too. You added great style to the ladder. Lulu looks like a garden lover. Always love your loungers too.

    Have a fabulous trip to Paris. Looking forward to reading about it.

    Enjoy your day


  4. Your gardens are so beautiful. Such pretty flowers. Love that chaise, that is where you would find me most of the time.

  5. You have such a charming garden Carol! I love your sweet Lulu. Truly wonderful vignettes.

  6. Carol you know I adore your garden... I am loving all of the red, white and blue touches! If one day you find me lounging on your chaise or in your Adirondack chair don't be alarmed! :) So dreamy!

  7. Carol you know I love walking through your outdoor living area. It is so pretty and colorful. Have a great week!

  8. Carol,
    Happy eyes and heart after looking at your garden... Oh, I wish I could sneak into your suitcase and join you for your trip to France. Have a wonderful time!


  9. Carol, I love your colorful whimsical garden. It is a pleasure to join you for the hop this week! Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

  10. Love the pretty flowers everywhere. You have the most beautiful garden. Happy New Week.

  11. I hope you enjoy your vacation!!!! I am still living the dream of mine. My garden took a bit of work when I got home, one takes as good a care of the kids as Momma!!!! Come home refreshed and inspired....hoping you take us all along. 😘

  12. your flower garden is just lovely. Enjoyed this post and all the photos. Have a safe and enjoyable vacation. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  13. I always love coming to visit your garden. Your flowers and cottage are so lovely, reminds me of an Impressionist painting!

  14. Enjoyed your stop along the hop route! When your sky is blue, it's beautiful. My favorite thing in your yard is that beautiful stone side walk and area. WoW.

  15. Dearest friend, good morning!

    I wish I had the time to do these blog garden however, spoke to me this past weekend as I went out to do another major cleaning of it. Our front yard gardens look stunning. But this past winter's odd warming and freezing did a number on our backyard boxwood garden. So, as I went out to inspect it, I came to the realization of something we all face: aging. I hope to do a blog post on it as soon as school is over TODAY!

    Your garden is full of your personality and though it remains basically the same color palatte and theme, the small changes you make do a huge transition. More on my thoughts, I hope, in my next blog post!

  16. Your place is a real treasure!So colorful and beautiful...Such happiness!

  17. My favorite shot is your gerbers in the shopping cart, Carol; so cute! I love the buoys and surfboards mixed in with all the flowers and vintage finds; such a happy conglomeration of artistic beauty! Have a wonderful vacation!

  18. Carol, your beautiful photos make me long for the beach. That cute ladder caught my eye. What a fun idea to use it on the patio to display flowers and the hand beach sign. :)

  19. I thought Steve's surf board was a window at first with your view to the ocean. It's even better to know that he painted that instead! And as Steve's canvas is your home, I think your garden is yours. It's fantastic Carol and dang, I want to walk around with you and find some treasures! Great tour.

  20. Carol, I always adore a walk through your colorful garden!

  21. What a delight Carol! I took a virtual stroll along your little rock paths checking out the flowers and whimsy along the way! Isn't summer it like Christmas morning when you are a gardener? Like you, I wake up and head out to see what is in bloom, (or to check for pests or damage). How delightful to have that chaise to sit and take it all in.

    My husband is an oil painter (hasn't painted for years since becoming an assistant principal, coaching year round, full time house projects etc.) and we only have a few of his paintings left that weren't sold or aren't still displayed in local business. He had a curated art show in NYC in 2004. It was lots of fun, I should probably share a "throw back" post about it on the blog. Anyway, I love the surfboard! It is almost like a portico window to the ocean.

    I hope you have blue skies soon! Thank you so much for joining the hop. Happy summer in your beautiful outdoor space!

  22. Love, love, love your gorgeous gardens Carol! I swear they're always magazine worthy. It's so much fun to see all the different kinds of flowers in your garden and how they complement your pillows and garden art too. Every time I see this space it makes me want curl up with a good book and just enjoy the day. Hugs and happy summer, CoCo

  23. Carol, as always hit backyard garden is full of lovely surprises with little details. Your flowers and the colors are always a treat. I guess living I. California, a surfboard is required!! Have a wonderful vacation.

  24. Your backyard is so lovely. All of the coastal accents are great and just the style I like. The ruffled cover on the chaise looks like the perfect spot to relax and enjoy, white clouds or not. Have a fabulous vacation and enjoy returning home to your lovely garden!

  25. Your backyard is always so cheerful for every season! I love the festive bench you decorated with the red white and blue!

  26. Oh my! Just so cheery! Enjoy your fabulous vacation!

  27. I'd never be able to leave your garden. . .nor could I make up my mind where to sit or stretch out!

  28. I'm still not sure whether I'm looking at a scene from a magical fairyland or an actual, existing garden. Every corner and detail of your garden is absolutely breathtaking. The coastal tones are gorgeous and I can imagine myself reading and enjoying the view while sitting on one of the chaises. So many strikingly beautiful colors and stunning details. Thank you so much for sharing this piece of your home, I haven't seen more beautiful one in a while!

  29. Your gardens are always so beautiful and how wonderful it must be to garden year long! I’m glad because I get my garden fix through your gardens in Winter!

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