Monday, May 20, 2019


There are two thrift shops that I frequent - one is yucky, but I pass by on my way to a favorite shop and I always look in the window.

This soup tureen is my most recent find - not that I "need" any more soup tureens.

I now have 4 tureens and 3 are from the same thrift shop.

The Eddie Bauer pitcher hiding in the corner is another find from the "yucky" shop.

I am guaranteed to find something fun, like these little cuties, at the Assistance League charity shop.

Last week, I was about to walk out empty handed when I spotted a table with linens and a lovely set of 5 handmade napkins came home with me.

You only see 4 on the chair because the 5th is in use  - can you spot it in the guest room?

There it is on the nightstand holding my Mother's Day roses.

I absolutely love the delicate needle work on the napkins.

While I was in line to make my purchase I spotted an old enamel tea kettle with a hole in the bottom - I had a pitcher just the right size to fit inside and it's perfect for holding a flower arrangement.

My first thought was to have the kettle in the garden holding a daisy plant, but for now, it's in the living room because I'm working on a May Pinterest Challenge and this arrangement will be part of it.

With the Pinterest Challenge and my poor garden desperately needing love, there won't be any thrifting in the near future.

WIND (yes, all in caps!) and rain have kept me out of the garden so the rest of the week I will be at home playing.


  1. I see absolutely nothing here so maybe the yucky shop deserves a new name. :)

    Enjoy your time playing at home. Those are good times.

  2. Wow Carol the Yucky shop has lots of pretty treasures. Love all your pictures of pretty flowers and new treasures found. Have a great week.

  3. Lovely pictures and so many pretty flowers in your house...
    Have a beautiful week!

  4. Good morning Carol!!!!

    As always, your finds always end up in the best vignettes. How cool and breezy your white palatte is embellished by these simple but wonderful finds. I have enjoyed a few thrift shop finds for photo shoots and it's an inexpensive way to always have something on hand for a session or to just change things up!

  5. So fresh and pretty with all your new finds! Love the napkins. You never know where you will find a little something sweet!

  6. Our charity shop finds soup tureens a hard sell. I'll tell everyone how you use them but not before I've snapped up a few. I love vintage linens and find them hard to resist. I will be showing my husband the painting of the tractor. He has a commission from my tractor mad brother and will welcome the inspiration.

  7. I love all your finds at the thrift store. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. Carol, more sweet treasures. Wish I had a Yucky shop in my area. I pinned the first picture, your photos and lighting are exquisite..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  9. Those are great finds! the napkins look perfect. And what a sweet little white pair--my guess some sort of cream and sugar.

  10. Boy Carol for a yucky shop you sure find some great pieces. Love the details on the linens. Also the bottles pictured sure are pretty.


  11. I love your treasures!!! Thrift stores are magical!!

  12. Beautiful photos, Carol...and wonderful finds!

  13. Well...didn't you just score - love all the pretties ♥

  14. Hi Carol!
    You have found so many pretty treasures!I love them all, but my favorite is the enamel kettle! Thanks for joining us and sharing at Homestyle Gathering!

    >>> Kim

  15. Oh to have such things as 'thrift shops' here. . .afraid they are recognized (and priced) as antiques. . .we've had to resort to 'dumpster diving' which isn't my favorite means of finding treasures. Loved your post, as always!

  16. Super finds! Very pretty post as usual. Tell me about the Pinterest challenge! :D

  17. I so love your cottage and its gardens! Your new finds are terrific. You must share how you store big items like those in your quarters. Right now I feel like I won't be buying anything for a very long time. I've stuffed things everywhere I can find to store. The good news is I have a storage unit full of items to rotate, so I hope to have fun doing that in the months ahead.

  18. Just lovely, Carol. I need to come to your neck of the woods for thrifting. I NEVER find things like this down her in OC! Hope to see you at Tuesday Turn About, today at 3pm.