Friday, February 8, 2019

Winter Garden

Rain, rain, rain . . . a much welcome and rare event after years of drought.

My garden hasn't looked this lush in February in years, possibly never.

I must admit that the chamomile that makes the garden look so pretty is not growing in the garden,

It's a Trader Joe's bouquet and I simply stood behind the flowers to snap the photos.

Our garden room has been neglected due to rain, cold and my surgery, but I am finally able to '"decorate".

I obviously have difficulty parting with old chairs.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I added hearts here and there.

And speaking of hearts, 

many people commented on the heart rock I shared in my last post.

I finally found a spot to display my hearts and now I'm sorry I gave so many away to the neighborhood kids.

The hearts never cease to make me smile as I walk toward my garden house.

The old beach cruiser is sporting one of my favorite old hearts

and grandpa's pitchfork got some greenery.

The porch has actually been decorated for awhile, but it got an update.

I brought out a quilt and pillows for the garden bench and

I'm not ashamed to admit that I fell asleep on the bench yesterday.

Now, it's time to remove all the pillows and chaise covers because the forecast is a 90% chance of rain.

I look forward to more rain - I need all the help I can get whipping the garden into shape.

I leave you with a much welcomed little friend I spotted in the garden - the devastating fire in our town in late 2017 destroyed the bee population and it's wonderful to be sharing my garden with bees once again.


  1. I hope you'll discover more heart-shaped rocks this year. Love all the photos as always. Enjoy the rain showers while they last.

  2. How lovely to see some wonderful flowers and sunshine. Your garden is beautiful.

  3. Oh Carol, I had no idea that the 2017 fire had destroyed the bee population! But look at this, life finds a way to come back doesn't it!

    YOU guys are getting pummeled by rain while we here in Minneapolis and my pal Violet out in Washington are getting socked by snow! May the earth be glad and yield the prettiest flowers for us, to make up for this crazy weather. We have earned it!

    Heal up my friend. I can almost feel the California warmth as I look at your photos. Enjoy the day!

  4. Lovely and colourful :) Great pictures!
    Warm hug from Titti

  5. So pretty! and I'm thrilled that the rains have returned. Happy Valentine's! xox

  6. What a gift to have that garden in February, Carol! The heart rock path to the garden shed speaks volumes, and I'm also happy to see that bee in your CA neighborhood!

  7. Your garden is always a joy to see. Love what you did with the heart stones. They truly fascinate me. When you don't live near places with wildfires you know about the devastation to people, animals and homes but you forget about the rest. Bee are very important for nature. Good to see one in your garden.

    Happy you are feeling better and good for you taking a nap with all the flowers


  8. Your adorable cottage by the sea, your garden house, your heart rocks, your Feb garden and your joy at seeing a bee...all these things are so magical to me. We are having cold winds today...and cloudy. We've had no moisture and things are so dry. I would go down on my knees if we could have rain...
    Keep healing...Mother Nature is taking care of your garden while you start feeling better. Then, you will have all summer long to enjoy working there.

  9. Your winter garden is soooo beautiful. I want to be laying next to you on those sweet loungers and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine in your pretty garden. I am so jealous you have this beauty around you. I cannot wait for Spring and new life to start to appear for us in the midwest. This winter has been so brutal and we still have a few more months to go. Enjoy that sweet spot.

  10. Love all the heart rocks in you garden path. Your garden is very pretty. You have decorated it very nice. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  11. The chamomile is definitely my favorite. I love your garden posts! This one is making me happy on this dreary, gray, cold day!

  12. Carol, what a pretty winter garden! It is hard to believe that it is winter in your neck of the woods! What a great idea for your hearts and I'm so glad that the bees are back..Happy Weekend..Judy

  13. What a great winter garden tour. Made me want to be back in Greece -- I am ready to be pottering again!

  14. So many lovely photos of your beautiful garden. I do like the red, white and blue decorations as they make everything look fresh. The old chairs are fun and give lots of character!

  15. I am so glad your area is finally having rain! And the bees are back! Both good news. Looking around at all your beautiful flowers and all the vivid colors and greenery always makes me long so bad for that again around here. I am so tired of looking at nothing but gray and brown. And piles of dirty snow. I hope by your falling asleep on the garden bench doesn't mean you overdid things! Please take good care of yourself, my friend. xoxo

  16. This post makes my heart smile. I love the colors and floral abundance. Your collection of heart shaped rocks is wonderful. Have a love filled week.

  17. Those surfboards always make me smile! What a super fun accent...and an ode to your sunny lifestyle. I love it!

  18. Carol, I so enjoyed your garden tour. Love, love, love the heart rock path. Great idea. You'll find more, and just think of the inspiration seed you planted with those neighborhood chidren. They'll be looking for heart shaped rocks to start their own collection. I have to admit to having a few of my own, but they are all small rocks. I keep them in a box. Happy Valentine's Week!

  19. Oh you have such a pretty house and garden. I totally enjoyed looking at everything and it really makes me with that it was summer here and not getting cold weather and snow!

  20. It looks so beautiful in your winter garden, I love the heart chaped stones...
    I hope you are recovering well.

    Hugs, Ida

  21. Dear dear friend, thank you SO much for coming to visit my blog. Here's to FINE WEATHER (we have to wait a few months longer than you do!)

  22. Your garden and cottage always make me yearn for an adventure near the sea! So happy you all are getting rain this year.

  23. I love your cottage life. Your garden looks so peaceful and inviting. Love the flowers and the feel your garden has.