Sunday, July 23, 2017

Classy and Fabulous

In May I met a friend who is both "classy and fabulous" to photograph her Malibu beach house.

Cindy and I first met as freshman in high school - she moved away and we lost touch, but coincidentally we both chose to attend San Diego State University, were assigned to the same dorm and became roommates.

Cindy and her husband Tony live in a contemporary house overlooking the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

My photography skills and equipment cannot do justice to this unique home which was featured in Architectural Digest.

The two art collectors have filled their home with spectacular artwork and I did not feel my photos captured the essence of the art, but you will spy pieces in many of the photos.

A glass stairway on the street level begins your journey up and down the multi-level (7 if I counted correctly) house which is a work of art in itself.

A wide expanse of ocean greets you at nearly every angle.

On a clear day, you can see Catalina Island off in the distance from almost any spot in the house - it was neither a clear or sunny day in May when I took the photos.

If you were sitting here, on the lowest level of the house,

this would be your view.

This deck is right above the previous level, but in between the two levels

is a lovely little spa retreat Cindy and Tony have created

 to relax at the end of a long day.

 If you are sitting at the table facing the cabinets (the refrigerator is hidden behind those doors) you don't see a view,

but sitting on the cabinet side of the table you look at water all the way to the horizon.

Here's a view from the dining room into the living room and the railing of the stairway.

This is a shot looking back toward the kitchen

and this shot shows you the street level entry and the beginning of the glass stairway.

How about this view while soaking in the tub

or this one when you wake up in the morning?

 The views from the rooftop deck and garden are spectacular in almost any direction.

Below the rooftop deck is Cindy's dressing room - she loved clothes even in college and I distinctly remember shopping with her for the perfect little black dress for her first fraternity dance.

Cindy is holding a Judith Leiber bag

Cindy put her love of clothing to good use by volunteering for many years with the Costume Council of the LA County Museum of Art.

Tony has his office on this level

and like every space in the house, it too is filled with beautiful art.

There is so much more I could show you, like the powder room on the entry level, but I wasn't happy with the photos

so I'll leave you with a photo of Jet Set Romeo - the third member of the family.

You can find Cindy at @pickyandpushy on Instagram

or read her blog Picky and Pushy - the most recent post is Legendary Beverly Hills Garden Tour.

I enjoy Tony's daily posts at @tonycanzoneri on Instagram - this is his friend Herman who appears in his posts now and then.

I hope you have enjoyed this look into the fabulous home of my classy friend.


  1. Wow her beautiful home is like a movie set to me! I love how open and white it is. The steel walkway reminds me of something on a cruise ship. That view though...I can't even imagine!

  2. OH MY WORD.....white interiors, blue exteriors in the ocean setting. What two other color combinations bring such a peaceful feel? None. For me, that is. White and the ever-changing mood and hue of blue is all I need to feel happiness in my physical being and even to the extent of my spiritual being. Goodness, what a tour and you did a great job of capturing it. It's tough, I know, to capture with the lens what you eyes see, but I can imagine. Carol, ROCK ON, WOMAN!

  3. Now THAT is a beach house! Fabulous for sure. Thank you for taking us on such a fun tour, Carol. I am off to check out Cindy's blog and her Instagram. I love that you two have been friends for so long. There's no better friendships than with those who knew you when...have a great day!

  4. I think it is great that the two of you have stayed friends after so many years. When you were young and in school together did you ever share a dream of one day having homes by the ocean? Hers is so close you can almost touch it.

  5. I would love to live by the ocean through the winter months and I would love to play in her closets
    Beautiful beach house for the rich and famous who made it in life

  6. The home is amazing, but guess what, I really love your cottage. I am not really into modern design, but it truly is beautiful. Would love the ocean views. Thank so much for this wonderful tour and I did pop over to the Beverly Hills Garden Tour. WOW

    Thanks again CArol, hope that all is well. Has the baby arrived yet?


  7. Holy moly what a house! Was this house used in the film Sleeping with the Enemy? It looks very similar. I'd love to be that close to a beach - dreaming....


  8. I am incredibly honored to be featured in Carol's blog! Some of you must have thought you were in the wrong house, so to speak, when you saw my place instead of Carol's adorable cottage when you signed onto Art and Sand today! As you can imagine, Carol was the most fun, the most creative and best roommate anyone could ever want! She was so thoughtful and caring, always surprising me even then with her beautiful creations and imaginative plans. She continues that thoughtfulness to today with this post.
    Back in our college days we spent a lot of time in our dorm room trying to imagine our futures. Who would we marry, where we would live, how many kids would we have? Now those mysteries have been mostly solved. and solved in incredible ways. The amazing thing is that although our personal styles are very different, we still have so much in common, beginning with lives that revolve around art and sand! The magic and essential ingredient of a friendship capable of lasting over fifty years is that we always did and still do really "get" each other! Having an enduring relationship is an incredible gift. Thank you Carol!
    Please stay tuned to to my blog, Picky and Pushy because I am going to do a story about Carol's place. There is something about seeing your house through someone else's eyes the is, well, eye opening! And besides I love Carol's cottage so much. Just visiting her blog is like a little vacation for me. Can't wait to get up there with my camera even if it will impossible to compete with her recent Cottages & Bungalows article. Carol, who would ever think we would both live in "magazine houses"?


  9. I am absolutely in love with this stunning home. I love contemporary houses, and this one is so interesting and soothing. What a treat to get to see it! Thanks so much for the tour. Wow. Your friend Cindy seems like such a sweet lady with fantastic taste. I can see how y'all are friends even though you have different styles. I bet y'all are so much fun, and have lots of fun together.

    Mr. Art @ Home loves contemporary, too, and I'm sharing this post with him.

    Ricki Jill

  10. Now this is a beach front home for sure. The views are gorgeous. Love all her whites.

  11. Carol,
    You captured the design and beauty of your friend's house, both inside and out. The views are spectacular, and her classic white furniture accentuates the views instead of competing with them.

    Great job, Carol. I will watch for her blog article that features your house.


  12. Oh my goodness Carol! What an amazing place...and the views!!! I'd never get anything done because I would be mesmerized by the views all day long! Thanks for sharing your friend's house with us.

  13. That is one perfect house! It seems to just meld with the surroundings and couldn't be better suited to the area. Wow!

  14. Wow - stunning and fabulous! I can't imagine having those views. I'd probably never leave my house. ;-) Thank you for sharing this house with us and to Cindy for opening her home and letting you take photographs.

  15. Wow Carol, both her and her home are stunning! It really has a movie star feel. I would be afraid to live in it, because it is so perfect!!

  16. wow What a house! Romero almost blended into the bedding. Thanks for taking us on the tour. Your photo's were great.

  17. Hi Carol, what an incredible home. I love the open look and the white against the color of the sea. What a peaceful home. You captured it well with your camera. Beautiful tour!!

  18. That it is a dream house by the sea! It looks fabulous I don't think I would do anything in it but sit and watch the changing seascape! Sarah x

  19. Beautiful, interesting home. The views are amazing. It must be such a joy to live in such a beautiful place.
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Refreshing and radiant, this all white beach house is a dream for all those modern minimalists. Gorgeous views of the sea, make this coastal home incredibly luxurious. Thanks for the tour!


  21. Wow! What a gorgeous post! Thank you for sharing that!

  22. Her home is of dreams. The ocean view is beyond heavenly. I went to San Diego Stste University too! I was a Fine Art major for three years then changed my major and have a degree in Foods And Nutrition with a minor in African Studies. I loved San Diego.

  23. Ahhhhhmazzzzing! Those views!!!! Aaaaah! Thanks for sharing. Susie from The Chelsea Project

  24. Stunning, absolutely stunning! It reminds me of one of the Malibu homes in HBO's show, Big Little Lies. If it were mine, I'd never leave the house. Of course, I'd never get anything done, just staring out the windows! How wonderful that your friendship lasted all these years!

  25. All I can say is WOW. The house is very modern and white......I love all white interiors....but could never live there. Color drives me and where I feel at home. Cindy and Tony definitely have a beautiful home and view.