Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Color, Sparkle and a Bit of Whimsy

It took me 6 days to decorate the house for Christmas.

Much of today was spent taking photographs for the two Holiday Blog Tours am joining.

But, I don't want to share any of those photos until the parties

so I made a second tour of the house capturing portions of vignettes or rooms.

I noticed that I am drawn to sparkle and shine this year -

bright shiny ornaments

appear in at least one spot in every room.

I found a beautiful glass bulb and bead garland at a local shop that was a perfect gift for my sister

and I had to go back and buy one for myself.

In addition to sparkle,

you can see that red & white

are the dominant colors

 in the house right now.

This little display in the guest room

will easily segue into Valentines Day by simply swapping the Christmas postcard with a Valentine.

As I was shooting small details rather than the "big picture"

another thing I noticed

was the childlike nature

of Christmas at our house.

Color, sparkle and a bit of whimsy

definitely describe the decorations this year.

After a morning at the spa, Lulu thought she fit right in with the decorations.

She might even be mistaken for a stuffed bear.

Be sure to stop by next week for the Cozy at Christmas Blog Tour.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. My sweetest friend,
    thanks most sincerely for the lovely atmosphere you share today, enriched by your always so beautiful and exciting link-up party, to be hosted here is always such a treat to me!

    Hope you're having the best of weeks,
    I'm sending hugs and ever much love to you,
    enjoy your December with Joy

    Xx Dany

  2. I will be there, with BELLS ON!

    I love your style this year Carol. And isn't it funny how every year, our decorating styles take on a twist? I am ALL for sparkle, especially at Christmas. But this year for me, I have settled into a MOTHER NATURE style. Bleached pine cones in my antique French basket. FUR throws and pillows strewn about the house. Dropped antlers in a rustic wooden bowl, and just two small platinum silver vintage trees adorned ONLY with twinkling lights. Ahhhhh.....the sheer beauty of it all. And all of our decorating ideas pulled together spell out: JOY.

    Have a super time as you count the days for your REAL Christmas journey to Carmel!

  3. Thanks for the invite, friend, it looks "inviting." You seem to have outdone yourself with your shiny and childlike whimsy, and yes, I love the red and white. Look forward to seeing more.

  4. Carol, I love the decorations you have put out. Yes, your dog looks like a cute stuff animal. Love the polka dot pan. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. You really do have such a wonderful style! I like lots of toys in my decorations too! Happy holidays!

  6. Lulu really adds the little "he ne she quoi" to your beautifully decorated home. I am hoping to start decorating for Christmas this weekend.

  7. I have to say I am quite jealous of your flare for decorating.
    Wow. I would just wander through your home and ooh and aah at all of the lovelies sitting around in each room. Christmas brings out the child in us, doesn't it?
    Thanks for sharing.
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  8. Hi Carol, I love how you stuck with the red, green and white . . . it's so charming and old fashioned, the way Christmas should bee :) That goose with the red bow and greenery bought back a memory. Back in the days of my employment, I worked as an activity director for a large assisted living. The place was decorated in a county antique style and they had these wooden white geese scattered around the building. At Christmas I would do the same thing . . . a red checked bow and a little greenery and they looked perfect. I wish that I would have been blogging back then, because I decorated seven trees each year. The one in the dining room was done using tea cups as ornaments and it was a favorite :) I'm looking forward to seeing your Christmas Home Tours :)

  9. Even these tiny bits of your decorations make me smile. I can't wait to join the tours and visit your home and many others. I think I might finally get my tree up this weekend. maybe. we'll see. Hugs!

  10. I always love it when I see a post from you pop up in my feed, Carol. I just know I will be mesmerized by your lovely photos...and I was! Red and white for Christmas. Fabulous! :)

  11. Love your little scenes... Cuddles to Lulu!!

  12. I can't wait to see the whole house, Carol, your little peeks are so pretty!
    Is Lulu a labradoodle? She sure is cute.

  13. Lulu does look like a teddy bear! She is the cutest! Love the glimpses you shared...I know your home is going to be beautiful as always. That garland is so pretty! Looking forward to seeing everything. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  14. Delightful! My favorite is the red ball in the green metal container, and second is the mantel with green trim and color. Love that you've incorporated so much red ... I guess I will always be a "red at Christmas" girl. Thanks for sharing.

  15. My favorite color combo is red and white! Lulu just makes it perfection.

  16. I always love sparkle! We have lots of huge magnolia trees around here and it's fun to spray paint some of the leaves sparkle gold and silver...mixed with the greens, and throw in some Nandina berries. But no, I haven't started decorating yet!

  17. So many pretty and festive photos. Can't wait for the blog hop!

  18. I can't wait to see the whole thing! Did you paint polkadots on your enamelware pan or does my nighttime phone vision fail me?

  19. As always inspirational d├ęcor. I can hardly wait to see more!

  20. Hi Carol,
    I cannot wait to see your whole house tour. I know it is going to be fabulous. Little Lulu looks so cute with the Christmas decor on the couch. Big hugs to her.

  21. Oh Lulu you DO fit right in and thank you for posing so nicely for us to see! :)

  22. Beautiful. It is a lovely feeling to have the Christmas decorations up, isn't it.

  23. LOVELY! I love all the red. Your cottage always makes me smile, Carol. I want to be you when I grow up!

    I look forward to the link parties and seeing the rest of your photos because I sure love the ones on this post!!!

  24. It has taken me seemingly "forever" to decorate my house too, and I've only done the living room and kitchen, with just a few items on the shelf in the main bathroom. I keep rearranging things, lol. Your decor is always magazine worthy. An absolute delight!

  25. That Lulu looks so cute on the couch, she could be an ornament LOL.

    Everything looks wonderful Carol and can hardly wait to see the home tours. Love all the sparkle all over. I am a sparkle person and bling gal.

    Have a great weekend even if it's a little chilly. Feels more like the holidays than when it's blazing hot.


  26. Your cottage looks so festive, Carol! Loving all of your red and white together.
    Mary Alice

  27. Oh you little tease, leaving us wanting more. lol! I love the sparkle, red and white, and whimsy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  28. I love it all, Carol! Red & white and sparkle accented with childlike wonder....what's not to love? And your Lulu is absolutely precious. woof woof

    I can't wait for your home tour!

  29. So much inspiration for Christmas time! Lovely!

  30. Oh Carol,
    Sparkle, shine, red and white is perfection to me! Add in the whimsy and it becomes magical... love all you have done for Christmas 2016.

  31. Every thing looks beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your home in full decorations on the tours.

  32. Well worth the time, Carol, your home looks lovely. Looking forward to seeing more.

  33. Very Pretty and I always enjoy vintage details. However they're placed they just seem to tell a story of their own. You have a beautiful home, thank you for sharing.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  34. I am so completely enchanted by your wonderful use of vintage and of course a red and white kitchen at the holidays couldn't be more perfect! I truly feel as though I could walk in, settle and some jolly elf might be peeking around the corner! What a beautiful festive home -- I can see why it took you many days to prep but oh, it's so worth it!

  35. You do red and white so well! I love all your stuffed cuties around too. Looking forward to the full tour!

  36. So pretty! I love all of the beautiful details!

  37. Oh, my goodness, what can I say but that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, every room of your beautiful cottage. It is sooooo beautiful and full of wonderful Christmas ideas. Thank you for sharing you Wonderful home... You truly have the Christmas spirit!!!