Friday, January 29, 2016

Living Well

I was sitting in the dental chair the other day  (a simple cleaning) when a lyric on the surround sound caught my ear, "there's a difference in living and living well".


As we drove home along the beautiful Pacific Ocean from our dentist's office in Santa Barbara to Ventura, I googled the lyrics 

and discovered the song is by George Strait and is titled, "Living and Living Well".

I thought about our life and the little things that we both do to make sure that we "live well".

Each day I do some sort of fluffing around the house -a vignette here

and there.

I try to keep fresh flowers in every room - thankfully Trader Joe's has lovely flowers at reasonable prices.

I like buying roses and then drying them to stretch their life

and using plants

that will end up in the garden the next week.

Every night, I set a table worthy of Steve's efforts in the kitchen - this week we have dined on Veal Stroganoff, Filet of Sole, Beer Can Chicken and Cioppino.

Last night I used the new rabbit dishes I love and Steve hates - he wants solid colored dishes to showcase his creations.

I took time with the centerpiece

using roses I recently dried and a book page heart garland.

And of course, I had to use my favorite primary color combination on the table.

But now, our Little Lulu says that we've had enough time in the house

 and it's time to check out the beach which is quite different lately.

The sand has eroded, the massive boulders beneath the sand are exposed and sea glass abounds.

Once we're back from the beach, Steve will work on a painting and I will putter around the house.

I might finish the pillow I'm knitting,

I might plant some flowers in the garden,

but I am definitely making some oatmeal cookies.

How will you live well today?

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..

I'm sharing at Thoughts From Alice - Sundays At Home


  1. Carol, I love all your pretty photos. I used to work with an old fellow , he would say, For a dime more you can go first class. That would make me laugh. Living life or living life well...treat yourself and your loved ones once in awhile. I can remember smiling when one of my daughters would put a dandelion in a glass of water ...that small gesture was a bouquet of pure love to me. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Aww..your house is so lovely. So warm and welcoming. You can see little touches of 'love' everywhere. I did some baking, too, in the mouse-house. :) Deb

  3. I love the sea glass. I never saw it on any southern California beach before until now. Maybe you can use the rabbit plates for tea or vignette. When I get flowers, I get them from Trader Joe's or clearance at the grocery store, because this one particular store always has clearance. I live well by puttering around the house. I love all your photos, so beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend. xoxoSu

  4. Steve has a point there. With all the new emphasis on cooking, I can see why there is a trend to solid color plates, especially white. It does show off a meal far better than some beautiful transfer ware plate! But we still love our dishes! Good post and pretty pictures.

  5. What a lovely post!!!

    I just finished baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and it smells good in this little cottage.

    Enjoy each day with Steve in your love filled home. Love for each other, your critter, and for creating.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. Your blog is so delightful, and this post just makes me smile. I love all the little visual details.

  7. I love this post and I would go out and get that sea glass. I think they are so pretty and wished I was near the beach and put them in a jar or small bowl.

    Hubby is at work, but tonight he is picking up dinner and we plan on watching an old movie, lighting candles and just relaxing. Something we have not done for awhile.

  8. Those lyrics are so true. My dad passed at an early age, my mom has lived her life alone since, 30+ years and she always says that this life was made for couples..or partners of some kind and I think she's right. Sharing even part of your day together makes a difference.

  9. ou certainly live a blessed life. But, most of that is because you and your hubby enjoy the little things in life and each other. That is what makes those perfect memories. Enjoy them each and every day that you have.

    Happy Weekend.


  10. I got my nails done today ~ something I do for no one else but myself!

  11. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post. Soothing the soul.

  12. I just read a series of stories from the Tiny House Facebook page. They were about couple living in basic poverty after they retired. The lived in RVs traveling from job to job. It makes you think for sure. It is sad that they have to live like that.
    You are blessed and you don't take it for granted. That's all good in my book. Hugs

  13. What a wonderful post! I try to live my days well, too by doing what speaks to my heart and what will be the best for me and Brian. Much like you, my heart lies at home and I love to putter and fluff things and make my home a warm, lovely and welcoming haven from the outside world.

  14. A lovely and fulfilling life it is! Your photos tell a wonderful story along with your words.

  15. Always good to peak in someone else's life.
    Must say the food sounds very good at your place.

  16. I love those blue and white plates. lovely. It must be wonderful to live so close to the beach and the ocean. I can almost smell it in your pictures.

  17. Your photos are beautiful. Love your blue and white dishes and all your lovely flowers. I was going thru the garden looking for some flowers to bring in the house. Love them in every room also.

    Everything is so lovely.
    Have a terrific weekend.

  18. Wow the erosion is pretty bad. The sea glass is a positive though. So pretty to display.

  19. You live in such a beautiful area. Makes me want to move south...these cold winters get to me the older I get. Hope you have a great weekend.

  20. Such beautiful sea glass! All of your photos and creations are so pretty. It's wonderful that you and Steve are able to 'live well, in this season of your lives! A blessing of the Lord for sure! Enjoy a great weekend! Blessings, Cindy

  21. The sea glass is beautiful. It's nice to be able to enjoy each day and your beautiful surroundings must make it that much more enjoyable.

  22. Oh my gosh! Carol! That sea glass is divine!
    You, Steve and Lulu are the trifecta of the beach cottage lifestyle! Your home and it's surroundings are pretty darn close heaven on earth in living color.
    Top 'o the weekend to you!

  23. Making every day count
    Telling the ones you love that you love them
    and showing them too
    Taking time to take in the beauty around you
    Eating well, sleeping well
    Sharing it all
    It's not hard to live well. I loved your description.

  24. What wonderful photos! I enjoyed them all. Oh I wish I could find a bunch of sea glass like that.

    xo Dianne

  25. Oh my friend, I am going to LIVE WELL TODAY at home. First of all, it was another wild and wooly week at school, but there were some golden moments, some smiles and laughs as well as "roll your eyes moments" but what can ya do...working with adorable kids can make you STOP, THINK and reconsider how you are living at the moment. But today on Saturday, I am going to take in the quiet, hope for some sunshine to photograph by, maybe write, and just live well.


  26. One thing I do to live well is always set a nice table for dinner.

  27. Beautiful pictures and you do live well! Love this!

  28. Oh that sea glass is wonderful!To be so close to the sea and collect it!
    I love all your pictures and the cute vignettes.
    Such a lovely wee cottage you have. Would love to have a Trader Joes nearby to have
    beautiful flowers as yours. It's the little things that count!
    Can't wait to see your cable knitting complete.

  29. Amen to that sentiment! What a beautiful post--both the words and the pictures. I love all the little touches you both add to your life to make it special. Thanks for the inspiration!

  30. First, you and Steve are the perfect duo. He paints beautiful paintings, and you showcase everything with your talented hands. I will spend the day with the pupsters working, as usual. Seems work never ends! But then I enjoy it too.

  31. My favorite post of yours. Before my husband died we lived life fully and simply with candle lit dinners, long walks on the beach and in the woods, listening to good music by candle light and sipping wine while eating chocolate. I have spent the last year and a half since he died remembering those wonderful times. Your post has jolted me out of my numbness to start living life again. Not that I still will not remember those precious times but that my remaing years may be lived.

  32. That sea glass is so beautiful and your dinner menus ( and table settings ) made me hungry...time to go make a lunch salad ! :)

  33. What a beautiful post. I learn about living well from you. (and I'm just a little jealous of the whole sea glass thing)

  34. Carol the title fits ... You're living well and enjoying life. I love sea glass, recently I've been forcing tulip bulbs and I'm using white and pale pink sea glass to keep the bulbs above water. Appreciation for the simple things that grace your day and warm your heart assures you are living well.

  35. Hi Carol, everything you touch is so lovely, and you theme really gets me thinking. I think living well is enjoying the simple pleasures of life and not fretting over spilled milk. I have to apologize about the linky party this week. My internet provider shut it off for some crazy reason, phone and all. So I am back up and running with a new router, I just posted the linky party, only 2 days late. Have a wonderful day and pray that you are feeling better. xx Jo

  36. What a beautiful post Carol!
    Very nice photos, but most important I enjoyed reading it.
    We really need to enjoy each minute we have here

  37. Oh- Sea glass- How I love sea glass! To have any of it is a blessing- to have an abundance of it is AMAZING! lol
    You have lived your day well- it played out perfectly if you ask me. Our days have changed and we are tied to a different schedule than normal with daily treks necessary across the city- once-sometimes twice a day. We try to 'live well' in each day--even in the little things. Starbucks can always give me a 'live well'
    Have a beautiful weekend. xo Diana

    ps. I am so jealous that you have a hubby that cooks. The joke in our family was that if dad was cooking and the smoke alarm went off -- dinner was ready!

  38. Carol, I love George Strait and that song! We too try to live well. I am jealous of your gorgeous flowers! I don't make it to Trader Joe's often. 40 minutes away. I pick some up now and then, but quite pricey at the store. I did buy a couple of succulents today for a little project. I love drying roses as well. Can't wait till I have some in the garden. Love your daffodils and stocks! Wow! Gorgeous beach glass!!

  39. Hi Carol,
    What a great post with a great message! It's so true that there is a difference in living and living well! Funny how a song or a message can present itself and make us think! I love that!
    Your home is so pretty and I love all of the photos and those rabbit dishes are amazing!
    And I think I gasped at the sight of that sea glass...OHG...I would be in heaven if I was on your beach!!
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of your weekend! Hugs, Kimberley

  40. Your photo of the driving along the Pacific brought back memories of my recent trip to LA. Wow, what a beautiful sight. Lucky you! Yes, living well is important. ;-)
    Happy Weekend!

  41. Hi Carol, your home and the beautiful photos really inspire.
    We are having warm weather this weekend so I will be spending time in my garden cleaning up and planning. It will be a day living well.
    Happy Sunday!!

  42. Those lyrics could have been written for the two of you. They describe the life you have created perfectly!

  43. Love the post, the pic's and the lyrics. I love how you make each day count, and do little thing around the house to make it feel special. Trying to more of that around here. Have a happy day!

  44. I love this post, Carol. It's the little things in life that make me happy, and sometimes we just need to slow down and appreciate them. Have a good week!

  45. Well I love your bunny dishes! I've not seen anything quite like them. I love the purposeful way the two of you live your lives and reading about your habits and routines makes me look forward to a day when my guy retires!

  46. I was thinking the same thing about living and living well today and I'm glad I read your post and the ideas and 'house moments' you are sharing. I do similar things with you and the other friends that have shared their thoughts here, but they may still not be enough to help us really live well.
    I think real offer to people that needs it, make us in fact , live well.
    Have a wonderful February.

  47. You are indeed living well! Everything is so pretty! I love those bunny dishes...they are adorable! And, that sea glass! I would be in heaven! Have a lovely week!

  48. Your photos show you are definitely living well. It's important to appreciate the every day moments. Your rabbit dishes are so pretty! Have a good week.

  49. Living well indeed. :)

    To me all these little things add up to a life well lived and they are not to be taken for granted.

    Material for a book.

  50. Great post, Carol, and it's always good to take stock and think about things that bring us joy in the day to day. Keep on living well!

  51. I love that you and Steve take time to enjoy live well and eat well...very healthy lifestyle! You both have so many talents and creativity.
    Mary Alice

  52. You are living well. Those meals sound delicious. The walk on the beach to find sea glass sounds amazing. You don't really find that down on the Texas coast.
    I wish I could knit. Cute pillow.

  53. For starters, I'm having tea this morning while reading my favourite blogs before going to work!

  54. Such a great post! I've never heard that song before. The words are definitely ones to live by though. It's nice seeing a pic of your husband at his easel!

  55. What a perfect post to show your perfect days of living well! I love the idea of living well and I would love to do it someday in a cottage by the sea! Your pictures are beautiful. Love the bunny plates and bowls, no matter what goodies are inside!

  56. I haven't come across that song but I enjoyed it and shared it's sentiments. Hopefully our life will be similar to yours when I finish work. The first week on reduced hours and already I feel more relaxed and can do this at home at a slower pace and enjoy them. John also enjoyed me taking over some of the cooking from him! That's an amazing picture of the highway and the sea you wouldn't see anything like that here! What an amazing range of colours of sea glass too! Sarah x