Thursday, November 19, 2015

No-Sew Table Runner

Several people asked me about making a table runner like the one I made for my Giveaway.

I think is my first tutorial, but considering that I was a teacher for more than 30 years, I should be able to give decent instructions.

 My materials are drop cloth , paint and stickers.

I am big on making things quick and easy so I simply tear the fabric - there will be a more detailed pictured later on in this tutorial.

For the method of stenciling on this piece, I needed to mask off an even stripe down the center of the runner - the white book in the left corner is my measurement - I'm obviously not an engineer!

I'm also big on crooked letters so that I don't have to be exact.

My runners definitely have a primitive homespun feel because it is difficult (for me at least) to get the paint perfectly even on cloth.

I remove the stickers and the tape right away - it helps to have a trash can right next to the table so paint doesn't get on anything.

After the paint is dry (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint dries quickly) I put the piece in the dryer to heat it.

The hardest part of the runner is the fringe because the long sides of the drop cloth tear and fringe easily, but the shorter sides are thicker and fringing is much slower.

To make the knots, I gather 4 strands in each hand and tie a knot and then a second knot.

After I used the sticker, I used the outer edges as stencils to make a pillow.

I get double use out of the stickers, but I don't save them for re-use because they lose their stickiness.

And now I just need to sew the pillow together.

Here is the finished runner just before I packaged it up to mail off this afternoon.

..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. 

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  1. Love the runner so simple but perfect.

  2. Thanks so much for the DIY, your instructions were perfect. Love the table runner. If I have time I will give it a try. It seems like it takes me forever to get things accomplished LOL.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. Great tutorial Jann!! Precious runner.


  4. You make it look super easy. And I love that you used stickers. I need a runner! I may give this a try. Thank you Carol :-)

  5. You make it look super easy. And I love that you used stickers. I need a runner! I may give this a try. Thank you Carol :-)

  6. Great tutorial girl, and it looks fantastic. You are so creative.

  7. Carol, You are still teaching ...that was very good. I love the results. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. Love this and so simple. Thanks for sharing with all of us1

  9. Carol, the table runner is sooooo cute! Thanks for the tutorial. I may make one this Christmas.

  10. That is so cute. Thanks for showing us how you did it.

  11. You made such a pretty runner. Thanks for sharing the tutorial to make one.

  12. So sweet! I really like the way you knotted the fringed edges, Carol!

  13. Perfect instructions. Now I'm off to buy some sticky letters and drop cloth fabric!

  14. Now that's a project I might actually be able to tackle! So cute, Carol! I love how you use the letters two ways! Blessings, Cindy

  15. This is absolutely adorable - you're a creative genius!! How long did it take to tie off all the knots?

  16. Hi Carol, once a teacher, always a teacher. Great tutorial!
    I love how you knotted off your fringe; I'm going to have to give that a try :)
    Happy Weekend!
    Connie :)

  17. love, love, love it! Thanks for the tutorial, I always like to see how things are done! Jonni

  18. Great tutorial. Pinned it right away. Great idea too.

  19. Well aren't you the crafty one, Carol. I love that sticker idea...right up my alley and using the sticker and its frame? Genius. I am totally doing that! Off to pin you, my friend. This is one idea, I don't want to forget! :)

  20. Adore that Eat, Drink, and Be Merry runner. Fabulous! Thanks for the great instructions, but knowing me I won't get one made. I'm just not the crafty type these days. ;-(

  21. Nicely explained and Carol I adore the homespun appeal your art has. Fun and from the heart.

  22. It's rustic and simply done, with great success. Thanks for the mini-tutorial. Using stickers is a great idea!

  23. I am so not crafty..never have
    but you make this look so simple that I might give it a try.
    It is the CUTEST runner...I hope I can do it. I just buy a small drop cloth, cut it to the size I want and go from there?
    I'm going to give it a try right after Thanksgiving...we will have 18 people this year and I think TURKEY..dream TURKEY...pour over "how to cook a turkey that your family will love" and get more stressed every day..My mama taught me how to cook a turkey..I've roasted them for 45 years and they always turn out just fine but....I still get stressed every single year. LOL...I am such a sissy girl.
    Thanks for your great instructions and I didn't realize you taught daughter in law was a teacher...she retired this year.

  24. Your table runner looks fabulous!!I love it


  25. It is a great tutorial ! Thank you for sharing :)

  26. Hi Carol, love the runner. You are filled with ideas and always so inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. xo

  27. I love it!!! I will be headed to Lowes to get a drop cloth this weekend. Thanks for a great tutorial and an adorable project.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  28. Love it! Wonderful rustic style and great tutorial!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  29. That's adorable! I think I could make one except for the fringe part. I'm not a patient person when it comes to certain things and I think that part would put my stomach in knots. The person who receives this is going to be very happy!

  30. Love the runner Carol.....the fringe is just perfect:)

  31. I cannot believe all the things you do .
    I cannot imagen you have just one house ?
    I cannot say how much I admire you .
    For doing all of it , for using your house , for sharing , for inspiring and taking the time to make wonderful blogs .
    It always makes me ....... doing things too . Happyness and joy to you Carol

  32. Good Afternoon Carol, Firstly congratulations to Diane, she will be over the moon to receive her gift.
    Your tutorial was fabulous.... the step by step instructions are so easy to follow. I love the words Eat, Drink and be Merry.... you have my vote on that.
    I have a feeling there will be many of us making our own table runner this Christmas.
    Best Wishes to you.

  33. Oh Carol, thank you so much for the great tip - using the outsides of the stickers!!!! What a great idea.
    hopefully I'll get a chance to try that out in the next few weeks. Happy Thanksgiving dear!

  34. Just love this. I'm kind of a disaster with paint but I may suck it up and try this one.

  35. Great tutorial- your teaching skills came through loud and clear! I am all about easy, too, but I am not fond of fringing--although I love the LOOK I lack the patience. lol You did a great job on it! xo Diana

  36. That looks great! I painted thick lines on some curtains and they turned out great as well...and we are still using them. The paint dried quickly and still looks fine!

  37. How smart are you to use the outside of the stencil to make the pillow. I would make one of these runners but I would not have the patience for the trim. LOL Have a great weekend. Debbie

  38. I love this...I had no idea you used stickers. I have a big assortment of stencils and that will work and i'm going to use your idea of doing the letters in a crooked sort of way---it looks whimsical and happy! Your drop cloth looks a little 'nubbier' than mine. I got a huge piece at Ace Hardware and it is more like linen than yours . Can you tell us where you bought yours?

    Can't wait to get to work on a few!! Thanks!

    Jane x

  39. Great tutorial Carol. Love the runner.


  40. Thanks for the tutorial. Your table runner looks great.
    I'm not sure I'd ever finish doing the trim.
    I'm all fumble fingers doing stuff like that.