Saturday, August 23, 2014

Please join me for another walk . . .

Steve has an opening for an art show today and I just discovered that he didn't invite any of my blog friends.

So, I decided to simply bring you along with me - while he deals with last minute details, let's walk along Main Street.

We'll start on the corner of Main and California Street - looking up California Street, you will see City Hall

and a statue of Father Serra who founded the first 9 of California's 21 Spanish missions.

This is one of my favorite buildings in town -

named the Erle Stanley Gardner building and home to the law office of the creator of Perry Mason.

The Bank of Italy building now houses a boutique, restaurants and apartments on the second floor.

I love the tile work on The Hamilton Building - I have no idea what it was originally, but today it is a clothing store.

When we moved to town, Peirano's was an old fashioned grocery store and the murals were faded to almost nothing.

I love the refurbished murals and the fountain - Steve and I like to sit on the fountain and "people watch".

The water from the fountain runs down to a smaller fountain and by zooming in, you get a peek of the ocean.

Across the street from the fountain and Peirano's is number 9 in the series of California Missions - I did no editing of the colors on the photo, the sky was that incredible color of blue on the Thursday when I took the photo.

We don't have time to stop in at the Mission office to gain entry to the garden,

but we can peek over the fence and I must say I am glad you are with me, because although I have been to a wedding and a funeral at the mission, I have never been in the garden.

What is not to love on this building - brick, tile, etched windows, grill work - beautiful!

A few big name stores have sprouted up in town.

I wish we had time to stroll through the shops in this courtyard, but we are almost back to Fox Jewelers and Steve is waiting for us.

Maybe we should have dinner on the roof of Watermark and watch the sunset after the show.

And now we arrive at the back door to Fox Jewelers.

Debbie and George Fox recently purchased this old building and created a lovely patio in the back.

In this new location, George has a much larger workshop to create beautiful jewelry.

Yesterday the local newspaper had a nice write up of the opening.

Debbie's knack for display and the brick walls of the building are a perfect background for Steve's colorful art.

I hope you enjoyed your walk through town.

I would love to go on a walk through your town with you.


  1. Carol, That is such a beautiful town. I too love the old grocery murals. Your husband is an great artist. I loved seeing his work hanging on the brick walls. Thanks for this great post. xoxo,Susie

  2. I almost felt like I was really alongside you. Your husband's art is so colorful and bright!

  3. Carol, what a wonderful town. I love all the old architecture you pointed out. A wonderful walk that I truly felt a real part of. Thank you for inviting me. I love Steve's work and his opening must have been awesome. Thank you for sharing. Cathy

  4. An adorable town. Steve's art is fabulous. I hope he had a great show.

  5. You never know what someone's home town will look like. Love yours . I didn't expect the Spanish architecture. Love the murals. I always sigh when I see his paintings. They are so colorful and real . Thanks. Great idea, hope others do as well
    I have before but will again.

  6. No, you wouldn't want to walk through this town. Nothing that pretty and gangs all over. Oh, to live in such a beautiful place close to the ocean!

  7. Thanks so much Carol for taking us along on your walk through charming Ventura. I see so many little nooks and crannies that would be so much fun to explore. Steve's art looks amazing as always.

  8. You live in a lovely town! I love towns like this with beautiful architecture and so much character. There are towns around here like that, but not many. I enjoyed walking with you! Have a blessed weekend.
    Hugs, Vicky

  9. What a beautiful town you live in. Thank you for the tour! I really enjoyed it and will add it to my growing list for the 'someday' when we take our road trip down our mutual coast.
    The mission is lovely. I have only been as far south as Santa Barbara and the only mission I've visited is at San Luis Obispo - and it was a very sweet experience, to attend mass there.
    The paintings? - well, I wish I could see them in real life/real time.

  10. absolutely awesome! Thank you for sharing that walk, those buildings are so beautiful. I love seeing posts like this.

    Happy Saturday!


  11. What a fun tour of a beautiful town! What a beautiful place you live! Steve's paintings are just gorgeous!, does he sell anywhere on line? I probably couldn't afford one, but would love to see them. Good luck on the sale!


  12. I loved walking through your town with you Carol! What a town it is! And those murals completely rock on the sides of those buildings! Such character all around and my goodness does Steve's exhibit look beautiful! You are so right....that red brick is the perfect back drop for his pieces. It just lets the eye focus on his work and compliments his colors perfectly! Such outstanding art!!!! A job well done!! Have a great weekend and tell Steve we forgive him for not being invited :))) Nicole xoxo

  13. ***sigh***

    Such magnificent architecture; such beautiful scenery...

    Congrats on the show, Steve ~ I hope you did well!

  14. Beautiful Carol...the town and the artwork!! We LOVE visiting California!

  15. I would love to take you on a tour of our town... it's very little and not much there anymore.
    I should go through town and photograph it; I'm sure there are some positives!
    This tour of your town was absolutely wonderful. Very artsy and alive! It is nice to see other towns through the eyes of the people that live there. I can tell you like it there and have community pride. :)

  16. What a gorgeous town and so much history. Thanks for taking us on your walk. That blue sky is heavenly and Steve's beautiful art work looks so great hanging on the brick wall. Looks like you had a great day.

  17. Thanks for letting us go for a walk with was a beautiful walk!! Just love the area that you live in.

  18. I think you live in a beautiful town! I love the old buildings and the proximity to the ocean. Much nicer than my town!

  19. So enjoyed this tour of your charming town, Carol, with a mix of old and new and gorgeous COLOUR everywhere! Steve is such a talented artist. I am so excited for you two and his new exhibition, which I know will do well!

    Happy Sunday!


  20. Carol, thank you for the lovely walk through town. Everything is so pretty. Steve's art looked so well on the brick wall. He does such wonderful paintings. Hope that he sold them all.

  21. that was fun...I think that my favorite is that beautiful mission church 'blessed' by the incredible blue sky :)

  22. What a fun tour! Love those brick walls...they showcase Steve's wonderful artwork perfectly! :)

  23. OH, NO! You wouldn't want to walk through this town. It is old, ugly, rundown and we cannot wait to LEAVE South DUHkota! There is nine months of winter here. We have tried for years to sell our house but the economy is so depressed that NOTHING sells in this town unless it is $40,000 or below. Anyway, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for showing me a REAL town. I had almost forgotten what they look like! And SHOPS! Oh, my! I forgot what those were, too. Thank you, again.

  24. Wait! I should add to the above. Our town used to be a gold mining town. It was bustling some 100 years ago but now contains a bar, a restaurant which changes hands every year and a library. I do adore the library and check out books often. The only other store is a video rental place. Wells Fargo occupies the beautiful building at the end of town. Every other store is closed down with dirty windows and haggardly hanging drapes inside. Every new shop or restaurant that tries here fails. It is a small town full of people disinterested in change. And, while I am no fan of change myself, just keeping what you have and keeping it up, would be a great improvement over letting the town totally die out and run down. We have no coffee shop (as that closed down), no clothing boutique or gift shop, no anything that makes cute little towns bustle and bloom. We have a bar, an off-again-on-again restaurant/bar and a library. So, thank the Lord for the library!!

    Cate <><

  25. Happy Sunday dear friend! I am very late yet again, since my internet service is down, and I'm having to drive to the nearest Barnes and Noble to get WIFI service!

    I just learned about the earthquake out in the Bay Area. I so hope you were not effected, though I know you are far from that hopes and prayers to you all out there in the proximity of the activity.

    What a gorgeous walk. Sun, sea and art? How much better can it GET! Lovely photos and Steve's work is outstanding. Tomorrow is back to school! Anita

  26. Hi Carol, maybe I should try a post of walking through our town. I would have to hunt a lot harder than you to make a pretty post. We are a small mid-century town in a dusty part of the state. Your request does pose an interesting challenge:) On the other hand, your town is beautiful. I love the old buildings and of course your location, Sunny California, what's to not like :)
    Thanks for letting me tag along.
    Now, let's go have dinner on that roof top, LOL.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  27. What a gorgeous place to live!!!

  28. Ventura is even more beautiful than I had imagined!
    My favorite building is the old market with the murals, but it is all so nice.
    I see your husband has done several coastal paintings in addition to the old trucks what I love so much!

  29. Hi Carol, what a wonderful tour and thank you for sharing. Your hubbies art is beautiful and the display is stunning on the brick wall. What a talent, I know you are so proud of him.
    Thank you for sharing.


  30. Carol,
    Sorry I am so late to arrive to stroll through another beautiful tour of yours. We spent the weekend with friends at their beautiful Westport Connecticut home. I have been planning a tour through Philly's tourist attractions and naming the post Row homes, Cobblestones and a cracked bell.

    I absolutely love seeing all the Spanish mission architecture. As your tour photographs capture their alluring charm. San Buena Ventura city hall is such an interesting and proud building.

    Steve's artwork is colorful and heart warming, I admire his style and wish one day to go to one of his exhibits.

    Thank you for bringing us along ... Happy week sweet Carol. I am planning/hoping to post tonight.

  31. What a wonderful town and so many lovely sights to see! The architecture is lovely and I love the colours of the sky and trees. I would love to see palm trees up close and in person. Wonderful artwork too. Thanks for taking me along and enjoy your day.


  32. Those Jesuits can really crank out a garden, can't they? I've been to a few of those gardens - and the ones at the Jesuit universities. Incredible. Steve's paintings look great in the gallery. Well, out of the gallery too! Love that red door.

  33. Thanks for the tour! There's some really beautiful buildings. I love Steve's art. I hope his show did well!

  34. I enjoyed the walk! Thank you! I love Ventura! I've spent a lot of time there and used to go very often. But, years ago, when traffic got so bad that it started to take almost half a day to get there instead of an hour and a half or so, we stopped going. We really want to go again but will have to plan ahead because of the drive. There are a lot of things in our home that were purchased in the old town/down town area of Ventura. I used to love to go there for the day just to shop, eat, and take a stroll on the beach. :-) Steve's art looks great. I love how colorful it is.

  35. What a pretty town, and your husbands art is wonderful too.

  36. The buildings are truly beautiful. Thanks for taking us along.


  37. I've got my shoes on and ready to go for a walk with you. I love to walk so this was a pleasant surprise. I am so envious that you live so close to the ocean, I love water so. Gosh what beautiful buildings you have in your town. I love walking around our town since it is covered by big old trees, and the only water I see is the pond in my garden. You husband does great art work.

  38. What a gorgeous town! And the art work is just beautiful!

  39. Your city is so cared for!

    I've been to all the California missions, but unfortunately before digital cameras.

  40. That is a wonderful walk to share with you. The old buildings are fantastic and I always enjoy seeing Steve's paintings.
    Thank you for your words of comfort, give Lulu a hug from me. Sarah x

  41. I'm not sure there is as much beauty here in Phoenix if we were to take a walk but I think I may just take you on a tour this fall. Need to wait until it's a wee bit cooler here! Thank you for sharing Ventura! Although I grew up in SoCal that is not an area that I traveled through much! Have a beautiful rest of your week.

  42. Carol, I always love to come along on your walking tours! What wonderful buildings and architecture to view while you stroll around. And Steve's paintings look stunning in the display! Thanks for taking us along!

  43. Carol, you live in Heaven! LOVED the walking tour AND Steve's art is great! A perfect day for the two of you.

  44. Good morning Carol! Thank you for coming to visit! As you know, PROCESS is such an important part of learning, and I have learned so many things about my writing through photography this summer, and vice-versa. Now that school is in session, my schedule has changed and for now, I come home too tired to write. But hopefully as I find my momentum, I'll get back into it. IT was fun making this post.

    Sending you a big hug and have a great day! Anita

  45. Carol!

    Long time no see because I have MIA in a big way. But this is so neat!

    Congrats to Steve. If I were in California, you best believe I would be there with bells on.


    Sheila :-)

  46. Wonderful tour Carol! You live in a gorgeous area. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. . .your hubbies work is fabulous!

  47. It's been a long time since I've been to Ventura, Carol. Loved this tour of downtown and a chance to see more of Steve's beautiful artwork. You've given me an idea to do a tour of our downtown very soon. Hugs, Nancy

  48. I love all the old buildings with their interesting details, I'd certainly love a stroll round there myself. I hope Steve's exhibition went well, it looks amazing.