Monday, July 21, 2014

Girly Getaway Airstream

In May, when I visited Lisa's house for the first time, I immediately noticed this great truck door in the garden

and then Steve nudged me to look in the driveway.

Some of you might have known right away what Lisa had in her driveway.

I was not familiar with Magnolia Pearl and the Airstream that Lisa recently purchased.

The purchase did not include the Rolls so Lisa will be pulling Magnolia Pearl with her fun vintage truck.

Lisa has only owned the Airstream for a few months.

 I don't know if she plans to change the interior much - I myself wouldn't change a thing.

I am not usually a lacy, frilly lover, but this trailer kills it with every detail - from
the vintage columns used to support fabric covered shelves,

and hand painted cupboards to

the queen sized bed decked out in comfy vintage quilts.

Special touches are what make the interior of this Airstream special - antique ceiling tins

and tapestries on the ceiling,

wood floors and metal counter tops,

and an amazing galvanized metal bathtub.

Just look at that lovely hand painted fridge next to the shelves.

I quickly snapped photos of "Magnolia Pearl" on a hot summer day with poor lighting.


Bohemian Valhalla's post that you can read here has beautiful photos of the Airstream.


You can read about the sale of the Magnolia Pearl Airstream here.


Romantic Home featured the amazing Airstream here.

Well, those 540 photos I shot at Lisa's house ended up in posts about her front yard, the interior of her home, her secret garden, her little garden cottage,

and finally her "Girly Getaway" Airstream.

But, when I get back from our family vacation,

it's back to normal at Art and Sand.

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  1. Of all the beauties to see in Lisa' Airstream, the galvanized bath tub is my favorite. You have a wonderful vacation visiting Lisa.


  2. That old airstream is gorgeous. Hope your vacation is full of fun and good times. xoxo,Susie

  3. Carol,
    I remember when this went up for sale and I thought WOW what an amazing folly. It's whimsy done over the top in Bohemian gypsy chic ... I'd love to enjoy this airstream for a weekend. Our friend had a 50's airstream he redid to the 9's in 50's style with the upmost coolish upholstery. He had it up in Long Island for weekends. Too cool....
    But I truly love this wild and crazy airstream, I soooooooo
    Enjoyed your series about your friend.
    Safe travels to Hawaii, enjoy and now I return back to writing a poem with thoughts of a camper in my head!!!

  4. That is flipping amazing. Never ever ever ever in all of ever have I seen anything like it. I'm going to check out all the links you provided, I'm hooked now.

  5. Astonishing, I've never seen anything like it, there's so many details to look at. I love the tin tiles and everything being covered in tapestry.
    Thanks for sharing Lisa's lovely home and I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

  6. That would be so awesome! What a fun space to decorate and ENJOY! Have fun this week my friend! Hugs!

  7. I lived in my parents airstream for a few months once and it didn't look anything like this! WOW...I'd still be there if it had! Gorgeous!


  8. I've never seen an Airstream quite like that one! It's not my style, but it certainly is unique!

  9. Love, love, love Lisa's Airstream!! It's beautiful!!

  10. I've never seen a trailer quite like that. Very interesting. Looks like a lot of love and work went into turning it into a work of art!

    Sounds like I've got some catching up to do to read all about your vacation! Welcome home!

  11. Wow!
    I'm drowning in camper envy!
    I just can't wait to camp in our camper...if we ever 'gittr done'!
    This one is so special... i love all the details. what a lucky gal, your friend Lisa is... and you for getting such great photos.
    by the way
    Art and Sand in no way "normal". I love your little sea side bungalow!

  12. Oh.My.Gosh... to own Magnolia Pearl's airstream is like a fantasy come truE

  13. We've had this conversation, but still find it amusing that Magnolia Pearl's airstream ended up in CA and the new owner is a friend of yours. ;-)
    Enjoy the vacation!

  14. Oh my goodness I have never seen anything like it before, what fun.

  15. Now that's amazing! Sure wish my camper had a stand alone tub in it...super cool!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  16. Dear Carol, you mean Lisa obtained THE famous Magnolia Pearl trailer? I had read about the sale of the estate (where is Magnolia Pearl now?) and to think that THERE IT IS! What a dreamy you, I am not a lacy woman...I like things simple and yet once in a while, a surprise of an ornate antique, but very subdued. However, this trailer is made of dreams all put together, and it works for me. What a great GET-AWAY for the imagination!

    Enjoy your day, Anita

  17. I have read about Magnolia Pearl's airstream in Stampington magazines, but I did not know one could purchase one. Wow! I really love Lisa's cottage office. I could see myself working there.

    I love your blog! I get excited whenever I see it in my in box!

    Have a wonderful vacation!


  18. was that a bathtub? wild!! what a neat airstream.

    love the sunset. gorgeous!! ( :

  19. WOW Carol, Love Lisa's AirStream.
    All the details are amazing.
    Have fun on your vacation~

  20. That was totally fun to see, Carol.. thanks for sharing all the goodies at your friend's house. Hope you have a great vacation and look forward to more from your dear old home sweet home!

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  22. How fun! This looks like something thr Junk Gypsies would have decorated. Have you ever watched them? Two sisters and their family from Texas who love to turn trash to treasure. I love their show! Thanks for sharing this amazing Airstream! Hope you're having a lovely time on vacation.

    Blessings, Vicky

  23. Good Lord! I'm in love! So amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  24. I have loved this camper from the first time I saw it several years ago ~ thanks for showing it to us again!
    have a great vacation ~

  25. I have seen photos of this airstream before and have thought it was the most beautiful and creatively decorated piece of art. Lucky you to have experienced it in person. Does your friend intend on actually camping in it? Thank you for sharing these photos.

    xo Danielle

  26. Carol,
    I think LIsa is living the life I should be LOL! Love her home, gardens, cottage and now the airstream. So gorgeous. I hope to have one of those little babies some day. Love the posts and that ceiling is great.
    Have a fun vacation.

  27. This is sooo fun!! Thanks for the peek :)

  28. So so so fun!!! I've read articles about that airstream before and have always loved the way they've revamped it. Lisa was lucky to get it. Love the patina of the thing. I'd love to park it up on the Rincon or at Gaviota for a few days. Mimi

  29. My goodness is that insanely cool or what?!?!!? Every detail is just amazing! And that tub...are you kidding me! How fun was this post!! Have a great trip lady! Nicole xoxo

  30. i love it all, carol! gorgeous details--thanks for sharing with us!

  31. Wow! The Magnolia Pearl's airstream is so beautiful! You made me feel like purchasing one. Love it!

  32. I'm not normally a lacey, frilly lover but I think this is fantastic! Wow! I would love to have an airstream to decorate. Have fun on your vacation!

  33. That is one of the coolest ones I have seen! Oh how beautiful!

  34. I love Magnolia Pearl's things and the airstream. I think I love looking at the frilly, lacey etc more than I use it though. I've read about her a lot in the Stampington magazines. That is great your friend Lisa bought it.

    My dream camper is an old vintage Shasta done in a 50s decor or an air stream. Dreaming....

  35. That camper is definitely a WOWIE!!!
    Mary Alice

  36. Hi Carol, what a fun post! I have seen photos of this trailer on-line and in magazines, but your coverage was the best. I love all the detailed photos that you took and that tin ceiling . . . Oh my! How beautiful is that?
    I hope that you are having a wonderful and restful time on your vacation. I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things about going on vacation is going back home. It takes a get-a-way to make you homesick for the normal life :)
    Keep Smiling . . . Great post, thanks for sharing.
    Connie :)

  37. Wow! What an amazing camper. Love the galvanized tub!! Thanks for sharing this. What a fun post.

  38. I'm so behind in visiting, Carol. I remember you said "wait until you see her Airstream.." but I didn't know it was THAT Airstream! :) It is just amazing. I'm going to poke around and catch up over here...


  39. How in the world did I miss this?! Such gorgeousness and character! What fun, and I agree. I wouldn't change a thing either :).

  40. Glad you're back. Hope you had a wonderful time. This airstream is truly iconic. I think I'll ask for one and see what happens . . .

  41. I also don't know how I missed this I seen it at Brenda's! In a way I wish I hadn't seen it cause I'm drooling in envy right now. I would move in there and never leave!!!.. Seriously hubs would have to sleep alone in the house, cause I'd be out here. Hope you had a wonderful vacation and glad to see you back.

  42. This is crazy! And I loved every inch of it! Thanks for sharing this little bit of Art on Wheels! :)

  43. Holy cow what a camper. I do like the Bohemian gypsy chic look but will never get a chance to decorate anything like that. I wanted to decorate our guest room a little more frilly and my husband said no way.LOL I have seen only one other camper decked out something like that over on Linda's Life Journal blog. She had that little camper decked out. It was truly her home away from home. And she lived in it for almost 3 months while waiting for her daughter to have quadruplets.