Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dining With Stars

I bought this star a couple of weeks ago at one of my favorite shops, Palermo, on Main Street Ventura.

The 8"star is sitting on a shelf in the dining room and I have been thinking that it will be the focus of the New Year's mantel.

So, I was pretty excited when Steve and I were in Palermo last week ( I was showing him things I would like for Christmas and he was taking pictures ) and I spotted the stars in a 5" size.

I bought the 5" star - on the right - on Sunday and decided the stars would be the focus for my Christmas table today.

The Willows Home & Garden

While I ate breakfast, I came across a new website, The Willows Home & Garden, and knew immediately what I would do for the napkins today.

A set of beads my sister bought me at French General several years ago and a coil of wire were my toys this morning as I played at making stars.

I found a little glitter star in my supplies and wrapped the wire around it with no plans and no idea of what I was doing.

I ended up with 4 wire stars and decided to embellish the glitter heart as well.

My funky handmade stars were tied onto the napkins and also added to the centerpiece.

The 8" star was too tall, so I just used the 5" star, placing it in a vintage style soap dish to allow it to stand up.

Out came these wonderful dishes I found at TJ Maxx a few months ago.

Tonight was the inauguration of napkins I made a few months ago - white & blue floral fabric with crocheted edges.

A few star candles I have had for ever were added along with the left over ribbon from tying up the napkins.

It was a simple meal of a salad and a bowl of pasta, but the Christmas table setting made dinner seem special.

I am having a lot of fun setting a different table each night, but I think we might need to go out to dinner tomorrow so I have time to come up with a new idea.

Heart Handmade UK

This photo I saw on the post, A Nordic Christmas from Etsy on the blog Heart Handmade UK is what will be running through my head as I sleep tonight,

along with a plate Leslie of Gwen Moss made for Father's Day last June.

I love getting ideas from others!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. I love getting "share" your holiday tables!

  2. What great star napkin rings. So creative... Now, I want to make some of my own....

    Merry Christmas,

  3. Your stars are precious. And I love your blue 'scape.



  4. What a cute project! Your table looks so pretty too!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. I love how that cool star inspired you to make some of your own! You could probably open up your own little etsy shop! Love your different table settings...so creative and clever.

  6. You are so creative! Loving your star inspired table setting and the fact that you are setting a special table each night. Thanks for sharing the fun and the beauty of your talents.

  7. I love the little stars you made with the wire! I've made crowns for dolls with that stuff.

  8. Beautiful blue and white and silver Christmas creations! Another lovely setting for the season! Love the cooler hues!


  9. I love your stars - you are one creative lady. Your tables are always so pretty. Living alone I just sit down and eat - nothing special but, if I am having company then I go all out.
    Great post! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh Carol, you have captured my heart this morning; I LOVE STARS! Those wired ones (I LOVE FRENCH GENERAL!) are just my type. I bought a great star garland last week, and it's in gold- a color I typically don't use for my Christmas d├ęcor, but these are really awesome....

    I so love coming to sit at your table each day. I wish you a marvelous next few days and I will miss you! I am thinking of taking my computer after all on my trip. I have to see everyone! LOVE! Anita

  11. i agree - it is so fun to see what you table with look like. i love the blue in the napkin & how it is similar to your place setting. so lovely. enjoy the stars. so festive. ( :

  12. I'm enjoying seeing all your creative tablescapes and how you come up with what you do! I know you are enjoying the extra time this year to really make each day a celebration, I love that!

  13. You are so creative. I love how you designed the stars and your tablescape is wonderful. The blue and white is so cozy Christmas and I love the napkins you created too. How fun to do a different table each night.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  14. I love the stars. I like collecting stars and hearts. My collection is small right now, but it is growing.

  15. This was a fun table. Love the wire stars! I am enjoying my decorated table this year also!

  16. Hi Carol
    Love the stars and your pretty table

  17. FABulous stars. How clever are you?
    merry merry

  18. I am in love with your stars! How absolutely fantastic to just sit down and begin making without a clear plan and come out with something so cool!!!! Your inspiration photos are awesome as well! All the best this week you!!!

  19. Your table looks pretty! I used to go shopping on Main Street in Ventura at least once a year. I love it up there! There's just so much more traffic now that it takes a lot longer to get up there. So, we haven't been in a long time. I've been missing it and think I need to make a trip up there again one of these days. I just wish my favorite store was still there but I think it went out of business..."Warehouse Antiques". It was on the north end, across from the grocery store. They had amazing prices. He used to shop all around in Europe and fill cargo containers to send back at least a couple times a year. We have some wonderful antiques from there. I have a friend that goes to the French General quite often. She loves to take classes there. I haven't been there yet. So many fun places to go! :-)

  20. Your stars are very creative, Carol, and they look really sweet on your pretty napkins! Lovely blue table setting and thank you for sharing at my HOME for the Holidays party. Have a joyous holiday.

    Christmas blessings,

  21. Love the wire stars....so very pretty!!!

  22. What a beautiful table! Love the blue and white with the wire stars. Your napkin rings turned out so pretty..:) I know you are enjoying being retired and having time to set lovely tables and decorate your home so beutifully. Enjoy...Vicky

  23. You never know where your heart and imagination will lead you. Love your stars! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. xo

  24. Delightful! I love the stars, Carol. You're so creative. Your idea to set a different Christmas table every day is so much fun.

  25. This was unexpected and so very enjoyable, it makes me a tad giddy to see the stars, how you made them and those wonderful crocheted napkins. I like the two tones of blue on the dishes. Yum..lets eat!

  26. I love your bookpage Christmas tree....I have yet to make one. Have fun bringing in your ladder from the garden ;)
    Merry Christmas!

  27. Oh, I love, love, love the blue and white table! Those blue-rimmed soup cups are beautiful. I think I'd have to keep this table up a while, or repeat it often. The little stars on the sweet napkins are such a nice touch.

  28. Everything is so pretty with the blue and green and the cute stars and it all goes so perfectly with your new candle holders.