Sunday, March 24, 2013

By jove! I think I've got it . . .

Yesterday we headed Santa Barbara in search of fabric.

I hate to say this with many people around the country still deep in snow, but it was an absolutely perfect day.

Even if I didn't find fabric it was wonderful to be zipping along the coast with the top down and the sun shining upon us.

I decided we should first go to Lewis and Clark to look for a tablecloth.

Steve hates shops like this, but he shows his art in a gallery in the arcade by Lewis and Clark so he had something to do while I shopped.

He snapped some photos of the great sculptures adorning the arcade.

I didn't find a tablecloth that I wanted to use for pillows, but I did pick up some cute things.

I have no idea what I will do with the little fork and spoon clips, but they are so cute.

I have been having fun playing with felt lately so I bought the heart and flower for ideas.

The hand towels just might end up as pillows on my window seat.

I didn't find anything in Santa Barbara, but back in Ventura I went to the fabric store and found some possibilities.

My plan was to use the blue and yellow for pillows and the red polka dot for napkins.

I love the red polka dot, but I thought the background was too beige for the white sofa.

I tucked the blue and yellow over the pillows and wasn't sure about my choice.

Then I tucked the polka dot over a pillow - LOVE it.

I headed back to the fabric store today and bought more fabric.

This week's plan - 2 sofa pillows and 1 chair pillow in red polka dot and 2 sofa pillows in  yellow.

The nice thing about my entire house being the same color palette is that I can switch things from room to room.

The original blue background bought for pillows will become a tablecloth for my patio table.

The blue/cherry fabric - I couldn't pass it up - a new dining room tablecloth.

It is a good thing that spring break starts in 4 days because I am going to be busy.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. The polka dot fabric is a winner for sure! The weather there sounds like a dream. We'll get a taste of it sometime in July. :)

  2. Sounds like such a fun way to spend the day. Love the prints on your fabric and those towels really would make great pillow.

  3. Those fabrics are bright and cheerful and look perfect in your home. Have fun!

  4. Lovely fabric choices, they look so cheerful

  5. Loving your new fabrics!

  6. Looks like a great plan, Carol! I know your pillows will add so much cottagey charm to your home.
    Mary Alice

  7. Carol,
    I love all the fabrics but I have to say I do love the polka dot. The colors are so perfect in all the fabrics. I can't wait to see them done.

  8. I love your fabric choices, and the little ladybug heart is adorable!

  9. Even though it is in the mid 30's and raining and gray here, I will not begrudge you your sunshine and warmth!

    I have never been to Santa Barbara - but it looks so beautiful! And Lewis and Clark sounds like a fun shop! BTW, I have cousins in Ventura!

  10. How do, Carol! Golly I admire your energy! Too late for my two cents, but I was wishing you bought some of the PD fabric and then maybe did some stripes with it. So gorgeous!! It struck me this time how much your darling house feels Mediterranean with the bright colors. And I love poking around Lewis & Clark! Such a darling shop. Did they used to have more linen? I can just feel how gorgeous it is now in your part of the country. I never ever get enough of it! Have fun on your spring break!

  11. I love Santa Barbara! I was hoping you would say you picked the polka dots for the pillows out of the choices you had. Love it!

  12. Sounds like a lot of people like the Polka dots and I do too. This cheery post made my Monday.

  13. Love your fabric choices and I do think you need the larger polkadot in red with the flowers so you have different scale patterns on the sofa pillows. I can't wait to see it all come together, it is so my style.

  14. Oh I LOVE those fabrics! Yes the great thing about a neutral palette is that you can add bits of color and change it out too!Looks like you found a great shop!

  15. Don't you love buying new fabrics?! Such possibilities! I love all of your choices, so bright and cheery.
    We're joining your lovely blog. Hope you will visit us.

    Linda at The French Hens Nest

  16. Every room in my house has the same colors, and I too switch them from room to room. Makes it easy!
    I love your fabrics!

  17. I really love the fabics you picked out, especially the red polka dots!

  18. You did good!!! I knew you would!!! Love that fabric and I'm so glad that you will have a nice break to do your projects!!!! I have really been getting into felt as well!! Making some felt flowers for my girls to wear as hair clips! Have a great week!!!

  19. I remember those sculptures...we saw them the last time we went up to Santa Barbara. I remember there were some great shops there too. Looks like you found a lot of goodies. Your fabrics are great. Have fun sewing.


  20. Such happy colors and that red piece is special! I cannot wait to see the finished products. Thanks for including the link to Lewis and Clark. I am going to check it out online - enjoy your spring break!

  21. What a good shopping day. Love the colors in your fabrics. I'm glad you can drive around with the top down on a beautiful sunshiny day...

  22. I am quite certain that I could spend some money in there!