Home Tour 2017

 Welcome to our little cottage by the sea.

You are probably wondering why we have furniture in our front yard.

 Our little (and I do mean little) cottage was built in 1928 when there were sidewalks running down to the beach.

In the 60's, the city closed off the sidewalks and that meant the only access to houses was from the alleys.

We have tried to create curb appeal out of what is obviously the back door entrance.

Before we go inside, let's look at a few more exterior shots.

This was not part of the original house - we added on an art studio for Steve so he can work from home each day.

The little house with the red door holds tchotchkes when they aren't being used in vignettes.

Lulu likes hanging out in the garden and thinks we bought the chaises just for her.

Houses in our little beach community are very close together and the wall of ivy provides privacy.

We have made a lot of changes in the 20 years we have lived in this house - one of my favorites is the Dutch door.

Looking through the window, you can see my grandparents' step back cupboard, but when we bought the house in 1997, if you looked through the window you saw a wall, a water heater and a washer/dryer - not a very welcoming sight for guests!

Removing the wall separating the entry and the dining room created an illusion of space and a more pleasing traffic flow.

My grandmother's home had numerous window seats and I always dreamed of having one of my own.

Once the wall was removed, my dream came true and I spend a lot of time each day sitting (okay maybe lying) in this little corner of the house.

Mullioned windows were one of the main selling points of this house and adding a shelf above the windows gives me a space for creating fun displays.

Big plans are in store for this wall, but we are waiting for our handyman to have an opening in his schedule.

We would like to knock out this wall to create one large room, but it's a bearing wall so we aren't sure if it's possible.

The kitchen is not my domain

 and the Head Chef expects me to keep my decor to a minimum,

but I sneak in a few little touches here and there.

My husband, Steve, is a professional artist and our home serves as his gallery - the art rotates constantly as pieces sells or go on exhibit.

 One of my favorite things to do is throw the windows open wide to smell the salt air and listen to the sounds of crashing waves.

My color palette is all over the place in the living room

and I'm okay with that -

 my home, my rules!

The guest room is one of my favorite spots to "play house".

To avoid putting nails in the wall all the time, I bought an old door and the decorations change with the seasons and holidays,

When we replaced the mullioned windows in the living room, the old windows became a headboard for the guest room.

Even in a small bathroom there is room for beachy decor.

Our bedroom is a work in progress,

but that's the fun in decorating -

there is always something in the house that needs to be tweaked.

Steve's studio is right off our bedroom and believe me, I have no say in how it is decorated.

Now that you've seen the house, we'll go back out to the garden.

Using the garden as another room allows us to live in a small house

and fortunately our Southern California climate provides us with lots of outdoor time.

And now, let's hit the beach!


  1. Your new look is amazing! Love all the colour pops against the white backdrop. So gorgeous!!!

  2. Oh this makes me miss Long Island. I lived a mile from the beach and now I live 4 hrs from the cost. No more gulls flying around and I miss the smell of the sea and the foggy mornings. I love your home and your garden. I'm working hard everyday on my new garden.

  3. I LOVE your home! I'm a little jealous too. I am a beach girl and I live in the Pacific Northwest far away from the beach. Sigh.

  4. Carol, I went to bed with my new Cottages & Bungalows magazine that came in the mail today. I turned the pages and then came to a house that I thought I knew--your beautiful home! I had to get up and come double check for sure that it was you! So exciting! My husband looked at every picture too.

    I haven't even read the article yet, will find my reading glasses and go do that now. They did a beautiful job in the magazine. Congratulations!


  5. OMG how did you get this lucky in life. I live in Canada and when it stops snowing the mosquitoes will carry off your first born. A dismal place.