Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve With My "Family"

I am sitting here, after a wonderful New Year's morning walk on the beach, feeling happy and content.

Our New Year's Eve was a wonderful celebration.

Every year, the people of Brunswick Lane gather for a progressive dinner on New Year's Eve.

It was small this year, only 75 people.

For the first time in many years, we were not hosting and were simply celebrants.

My only tasks yesterday were to provide bread at one house and dessert at another.

photo by Craig Minton

This little spot of heaven is what Steve refers to as "the capital of Earth" and the people of Brunswick Lane are the best.

I was visiting with the aunt of a newcomer to the lane who marveled that everyone gathered, young and old, to celebrate events.

Craig, the photographer, chimed it, "this is family".  

He told her he has lived in 4 houses on the lane and contemplated buying a house in midtown recently, but stopped himself when he realized that it would mean leaving his "family".

We celebrate New Years, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and many birthdays together.

The "family" is supportive of Steve's art career and is represented at EVERY art opening for Steve.

Last night, we sat around the fire pit on the beach at the last house on the dinner route.

The topic of a new restaurant came up and plans were made for the "Brunswick Brigade" to go there next week.

Actually, the suggestion was from someone who lives the next lane over, but we don't discriminate.

Craig is already busy planning a Brunswick ski trip for January.

The last thing we did before midnight was watch a "year in review" Craig created.

We sat together watching scenes of all the "family" together at sunset, parties, or just sitting on the beach.

Craig made sure to include a shot of everyone.

As a photo came on the screen of a person who wasn't present, someone would chime in with the reason they weren't with us this year.

All dogs were given their spot in the show.

We ended our evening together with fireworks display on the beach.

photo by Craig Minton

From my little portion of paradise, I wish you a 

 prosperous and eventful 2013.


beachcomber said...

it sounds like you had a lovely new years eve!
happy new year to you and your family :)

Freda said...

It also sounds like you belong to a truly wonderful community! Happy 2013...

Debby said...

And what a wonderful family it is.

Sherry said...

That is an excellent community...when you call it "family" how could it not be wonderful? Happy New Year!

a breath of fresh air said...

How wonderful :-)

Down by the sea said...

Where you live sounds like paradise with amazing beaches and good community. Those reflections on the beach are fantastic.
Sarah x